Eagles nesting near Decorah will be a little safer, thanks to the work of some Decorah High School students.

Decorah High School (DHS) industrial technology students will be working to build 20 perches which will be installed by Alliant Energy over the wires on select power poles near the Trout Run Hatchery.

In July, D12, the first 2012 eagle hatched from the Decorah nest near the Fish Hatchery, was found dead near the base of a power pole.

Bob Anderson, director of the Raptor Resource Project, speculated D12 had been electrocuted.

Anderson has operated the world-famous eagle cam that has streamed live footage of the nest to millions of Internet viewers for the past four years. The nest is located adjacent to the Decorah Fish Hatchery.

DHS industrial technology teacher John Condon said a group called Raptor Nation raised the money for the perches, and Decorah Building Supply donated 50 percent of the supplies.

Becky Burland of Raptor Nation said the perches are part of a $12,000 fund-raising campaign in memory of D12.

"They are widely used in the Northwest U.S.," said Condon.

The project will begin between Thanksgiving and Christmas.