With the high school renovations in progress, the issue of a new sign for the front of the school was discussed at the Decorah School Board meeting Monday night.

The District is planning to put up a new sign once the high school renovations are complete. The school was originally named the Thomas R. Roberts School in 1955 after a former superintendent. The Board discussed the possibility of a sign with "Decorah High School" written on it and the words "Thomas Roberts building" located beneath it. This concept would be similar to the signage on the press box at the football field.

The Board agreed the public usually refers to it as Decorah High School, and President Melanie Tietz said by also including the Thomas Roberts name, it would allow the school to keep a bit of the past.

Superintendent Mike Haluska suggested there was a reason the Board in 1955 made the decision to name the building after the former superintendent, just as the current Board named the new elementary building after Carrie Lee. Board member Brian Petersburg also expressed his concern about making any decision without contacting the descendants of Roberts to discuss the matter with his relatives.

Tietz said the public is welcome to suggest what to do with a new high school sign and how to possibly keep the Roberts named attached to the building. Anyone with ideas can contact any Board member.

Decorah's ACT scores

Superintendent Haluska reported to the Board the average ACT score for students exceeds the state average.

According to Haluska, Decorah High School's average composite ACT score was 24.0, and the current state average is 22.1.

"We've (DHS) always exceeded the state average," said Haluska. "Throughout the last four years, we've been at 23.8 and 24, and once you get to the 24 level, you really are among the elite in the state."

According to Haluska, the ACTs not only allow them to review each student's score in each of the respective fields (math, reading, science and English), but also allows them to analyze the results of the scores of students who participate in an extra amount of coursework and extra-curricular activities.

"Success in college is certainly attributed to how actively involved a student was in school," said Haluska. "If a student is involved in three or more extra or co-curricular activities, they will score better and their GPA will be higher than students who don't meet the criteria for recommended amount of coursework. It has so much to do with balancing time, which becomes a real issue in college. This is a more important determinant by our data than ACTs or GPAs."

School Board officers elected

The Decorah Community School Board re-elected two of its officers during its meeting.

Tietz was re-elected as Board president and Ron Fadness as vice president.

The Board also decided to continue keeping its regularly scheduled meetings on the second Monday of each month starting at 6 p.m., with occasional building tours to take place prior to the meetings.