The Winneshiek County Compensation Board has recommended zero to 4.5 percent raises for the county's elected officials.

The Board met earlier this month and recommended 2.5 percent raises for the auditor, sheriff and treasurer; 3 percent for the recorder; 4.5 percent for the county attorney; and no raises for the supervisors.

Current salaries and recommended raises are: supervisors, $28,099, $0; Auditor Ben Steines, $48,775, $1,219; Treasurer Wayne Walter, $49,152, $1,228; County Attorney Andy Van Der Maaten, $56,877, $2,559; Sheriff Lee Bohr, $63,878, $1,596; and Recorder Teresa Bockman, $47,890, $1,436.

There will be four new supervisors taking office Tuesday, Jan. 2. They are Dean Thompson, Floyd Ashbacher, Dennis Karlsbroten and Mark Kuhn. Supervisor John Logsdon was the only supervisor who was re-elected in the November election.

The new supervisors will act on the recommendations in March after the county's annual budget hearing. The supervisors can approve the raises as recommended or reduce them all by the same percentage. 

Members of the Compensation Board are: Dennis Hovden, Ridgeway, chair; Jim Burns, Decorah, vice chair; Al Etteldorf, Decorah; Roger Goulson, Decorah; Richard Tenneson, Decorah; Vic Pickney, Decorah; and Ron Stoskopf, Decorah.