The Iowa Democratic Party Winneshiek County caucuses are Tuesday, Jan. 21, with doors opening at 6:30 p.m.

Anyone eligible to vote in the general election in November may register with the party at the caucus and participate. Attendees must be in line or signed in by 7 p.m. to participate. The meetings will be called to order at 7 p.m.


Area locations for county caucuses and their conveners are as follows:

• Precinct 1 (Hesper, Highland, Pleasant) North Winn School, Donna Rasmussen;

• Precinct 2 (Decorah 3, Frankville, Glenwood, Decorah Township Supervisor 1) Decorah Senior Citizen Center, Jim McIntosh;

• Precinct 3 (Decorah 1, Freeport, Decorah Township Supervisor 2) Decorah Senior Citizen Center, Boyd Wasson;

• Precinct 4 (Decorah 2) Decorah Senior Citizen Center, Bill Musser;

• Precinct 5 (Decorah 4, Canoe, Decorah Township Supervisor 3) Decorah Senior Citizen Center, Craig Mosher;

• Precinct 6 (Decorah 5) Decorah Senior Citizen Center, Ed Epperly;

• Precinct 7 (Calmar, Springfield) NICC Max Clark Building, Lyle Luzum;

• Precinct 8 (Bloomfield, Military) South Winn Elementary School, Ossian, Doyle Gorden;

• Precinct 9 (Bluffton, Burr Oak, Freemont, Lincoln, Madison, Orleans) Ridgeway Community Center, Joyce Becker;

• Precinct 10 (Jackson, Sumner, Washington) Fort Atkinson Public Library, James A. Meyer;

• Precinct 11 (Decorah Township, Supervisor 5) Decorah Senior Citizen Center, Lyle Otte.

The purpose of these non-presidential year caucuses is to:

1. Discuss and adopt proposed resolutions to be added to the county platform.

2. Elect delegates and alternates to the county convention

3. Elect precinct committee persons to the county central committee

In a press release, party representatives said, "Participating in a precinct caucus is a great way to get involved in grassroots activities with the Iowa Democratic Party" and they are encouraging all Iowa Democrats to attend.

Interested parties may call Lyle Otte at 563-382-3137 with any questions. There is also more information available at or on Facebook at Winneshiek County Democrats.