Decorah High School could be ready for occupancy as early as Aug. 5.

At Monday's meeting of the Decorah School Board, District Building and Grounds Director Greg Schaller said the fire marshal is currently scheduled for a visit Friday, Aug. 9. Fire marshal approval is needed on the $20.7 million remodeling project, before teachers and students can move in.

"I'm trying to get that moved up to Aug. 5. We're hoping to get things to a point teachers can get in and start doing stuff," said Schaller.

Superintendent Mike Haluska said there would still be a few minor mechanical things to be done, but they should be "non-issues" for the operation of school.

Schaller said the school's windows are all finished, and the science rooms and other rooms are almost finished.

Rain damage

Following the meeting, Haluska explained the high school experienced some rain damage last week in the main hallway west of the office at the high school where a portion of the roofing wasn't completed, and rain damaged some of the drywall in that area.  Those repairs were made in about a day and a half.

"What appears to be more problematic is the water falling on all the cabling for everything from computers to fire and smoke alarms, fiber, paging system, etc.  None of that cable/fiber was intended to be subject to the elements and, therefore, will have to be run again," said Haluska.

Haluska said the issue was discussed at a construction meeting Tuesday morning, and all of the repairs will be done before school begins at no cost to the District.

In other matters, the Board approved a roof seam maintenance project quote for the middle school.

Modern Builders of Janesville had the low quote of $55,623,05.

The seams will be white to match the current roof color.

Schaller said the Carrie Lee classroom renovations will be finished in the near future.

He said the renovations were going "very well," and the flooring and cabinets have been installed in the upstairs music room, which is being turned into a classroom.