A number of local exhibitors have received top honors at the 2013 Iowa State Fair.

Sydney Klimesh of Calmar, took top honors with her Grand Champion 4-H Market Broilers. During the Sale of Champions, Klimesh's broiler pen sold for $8,000.

Dustin Smith of Decorah also excelled, receiving a 2013 Iowa Beef Breeds Scholarship during the 2013 4-H Breeding Beef Parade of Champions.

Ashley Bushman of Calmar was crowned Supreme FFA Exhibitor at the FFA Dairy Show and Isaac Luzum of Decorah had the Reserve Champion Market Broiler in the Poultry Show.

In the State Fair FFA Rabbit Show, Decorah's Colin Zidlicky showed the Champion Cinnamon and Reserve Champion Cinnamon, the Champion Flemish Giant, Champion and Reserve Champion Hotot and Champion Lilac.

In the Iowa State Fair Jersey Competition, Bushman Dairy of Calmar had the top junior heifer calf, fourth-place intermediate heifer calf, fourth-place junior yearling heifer, third-place winter yearling heifer, first-place senior yearling heifer, third-place junior best-three females, fifth-place junior three-year-old down and the fourth-place aged cow.

Canoe Ridge Dairy of Decorah had the third-place junior heifer calf, the sixth-place intermediate heifer calf, the sixth-place four-year-old cow, the ninth-place four-year-old cow, the the sixth-place best-three head.

Nors Holsteins of Decorah had the 15th-place intermediate heifer calf and the 14th-place senior heifer calf.

Nordic-Haven Holsteins of Decorah exhibited the second-place senior heifer calf and the ninth-place aged cow.

Steinridge Jerseys of Lawler showed the second-place junior yearling heifer, the fouth-place senior two-year-old cow, the first-place five-year-old down, the first-place aged cow, the senior grand champion female, reserve grand champion female, grand champion female and reserve champion female.

In the milking shorthorn show, Bushman Dairy had the fourth-place junior heifer calf and fourth-place winter yearling heifer.

Brittany Nelson of the Decorah FFA showed the Grand Champion Pullets.

Additional fair results will be posted as they are made available.