Emergency officials are requesting minimal water usage and stress the need to conserve water in Decorah today. This means avoid doing laundry, minimal flushing, and no washing of vehicles. This is to reduce sewer system overload and potential for sewer back-up into basements.

The city of Decorah is providing sand and sandbags at Centrum Mall (old Walmart parking lot) in Decorah near True Value. These sandbags are for use to cover drains in basements if needed to avoid back-up. 2or 3 sandbags per private household will be allowed. You will need to sign in with a representative to receive your sandbags. You will need your own shovel and will be bagging your own. Reminder these sandbags are for private households only.

Emergency officials are stressing the need for you to remain home today and avoid the potential of travel into any area of rushing water. Stay safe!

If you have water in your basement, shut off electricity preferably at an outside meter. Shut off gas valves. Do pumping of your basement carefully to prevent cave-in.

Again go to Winneshiek County Facebook for additional information.