Due to the change of seasons, the Decorah School District will wait until spring to deal with the noise of Carrie Lee's air conditioning system.

At last month's meeting, Superintendent Mike Haluska reported that StruXture Architects had suggested hanging plywood on the fencing around the units in an effort to mitigate the noise.

At Monday's meeting, Haluska said there were some concerns about affixing a plywood noise barrier that would stay attached all winter.

"The fear is that if there are heavy ice and snow hanging on the board, a strong wind could damage the fence," said Haluska.

Haluska noted with the cooling of the weather, the system is not running and the noise isn't currently a problem.

He has spoken with neighborhood residents Steve Runde and Kris Erickson, who originally expressed their concerns about the unit's excessive noise to the Board in August. He said both Runde and Erickson seemed to appreciate the contact and were happy with the steps the District is taking to remedy the problem.

In the spring, the District plans to follow the advice of StruXture Architects, and hang the plywood on the fence around the unit in an effort to reduce the noise. If this fixes the problem, the District will pursue a more permanent solution to absorb the noise.

As part of that project, the District will consult with a sound engineer to measure decibels being output from the unit.

"At this point, all is well. We'll continue to address it, and we have a plan," he said.