Daniel Wildman's attorney has given notice he will rely on "defense of intoxication by drugs" in defending his client.

Wildman, 23, of Cresco, is charged with three counts of attempted murder, intimidation with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm by a felon in connection with a drive-by shooting in Calmar Oct. 16. His attorney, Mark Anderson of Cresco, filed the notice in Winneshiek County District Court last week.

Wildman's jury trial is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 27.

According to court records, Wildman discharged his 12-gauge shotgun at several people who were exiting their vehicle in Calmar early Oct. 16 "placing them in serious danger of suffering injury or death."

The incident occurred a block away from the South Winneshiek High School, and all the schools in that district were placed on lock down for most of the school day.

A judge last week granted a defense application to employ an expert witness at public expense for Wildman. Wayne Hill Sr. of East Moline, Ill. will be paid up to $5,000 for firearms consulting and crime scene reconstruction.