The Winneshiek County Senate District 28 Recount Committee concluded its recount Tuesday of votes cast in the general election for John Beard (D) of Decorah and Michael Breitbach (R) of Strawberry Point.

The result is one additional vote for Beard, according to Winneshiek County Auditor Ben Steines. The recount included a partial hand recount and a full machine recount.

The new totals certified by the Recount Committee for Winneshiek County are: Beard, 5,657; and Breitbach, 3,816. The county's canvass will include this change after the next regular

Board of Supervisors meeting Monday, and the results will be forwarded to the

Iowa Secretary of State.

The other counties in the Senate district are conducting similar recounts this week. They are Allamakee, Fayette and Clayton counties.

Beard requested the recount after losing to Breitbach by 23 votes. However, after initial canvassing by all four counties, Breitbach led by 36 votes: 14,866 to 14,830.