After recounts were taken in four counties in Iowa Senate District 28 this week, Michael Breitbach of Strawberry Point led John Beard of Decorah by 17 votes.

Following the general election earlier this month, Beard, a Democrat, requested a recount after he was defeated by Republican Breitbach by a 23-vote margin.

Recount committees were convened in Winneshiek, Allamakee, Fayette and Clayton counties this week with results showing Breitbach with a total of 14,868 votes over Beard, 14,851 votes.

In Allamakee County, Beard received an additional 18 votes in the recount for a countywide total of 3,302 votes, while Breitbach received one additional vote, bringing his Allamakee County total to 3,459.

Each candidate received two additional votes in the Clayton County recount. Breitbach's total was 5,088 and Beard's was 3,771.

In Fayette County, Beard received two additional votes for a total of 2,121 votes. Breitbach received one additional vote for a total of 2,505.

In Winneshiek County, Beard received one additional vote, 5,657 total, and Breitbach's total remained unchanged at 3,816.

The boards of supervisors in each county will be certifying the new totals by early next week, and the final results will be forwarded to the Iowa Secretary of State's office, which will be making a final determination in the Senate race.