The Winneshiek County Sheriff's Department, Decorah Police Department and Helping Services for Northeast Iowa will host a beverage server training session at Decorah City Hall Thursday, Nov. 14.

Participants may choose to attend either the 4- 6 p.m. training or the 6-8 p.m. training This event is free for retailers in Winneshiek County through the Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws Grant from the First Judicial District Juvenile Court Services.

By attending the training, participants will gain: a better understanding of Iowa laws and regulations involving the sale of alcohol, ways to identify valid and counterfeit identifications, guidelines to pass alcohol compliance checks, insights on retailers' rights and responsibilities and strategies for best handling intoxicated patrons.

This is also an opportunity to meet with other retailers and share experiences regarding best practices for alcohol sales.

"Retail sellers of alcohol, law enforcement personnel and prevention specialists all have a common goal and responsibility to keep our community safe," said Katie Bee, community prevention specialist and consultant at Helping Services for Northeast Iowa.

"Along with alcohol compliance checks and parents monitoring youth, beverage server training is an important strategy to reduce the damage done by underage drinking in this county."

Deputy Tim Felton from the Winneshiek County Sheriff's Department, Captain Scott Herrmann from the Decorah Police Department and Bee will present the beverage server training. To reserve your space at the training session or to request a free beverage server training DVD, contact Bee at or (563) 387-1720, ext. 104.

Helping Services also offers an online beverage server training for individuals who are unable to attend on-site trainings. This 21-minute training on the basics of Iowa law is designed especially for servers and sellers of alcohol. To view it online, visit Individuals who complete the online training receive a certificate of completion.

Helping Services for Northeast Iowa is a non-profit agency that has been promoting the health and well-being of children and adults for 40 years.