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April 24, 2017
  • Facebook posts should be about good, not ‘evil’

        I’m not a huge social media devotee, but I dabble to be sure. I don’t have a Facebook page account, but I’m certainly aware of what’s going on and keep close track of the posts I can relate to.

    I guess they call that a Facebook “creeper.” So be it – I’ve been called creepy a time or three before. Doesn’t really faze me.

    The more up-to-date social-media phenomena still leave me coughing in the dust, but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. You know, about the time new technology makes what I’ve just learned obsolete. And so it goes.

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  • Put away your troubles and go turkey hunting

         It was about 10 years ago and it had been a rather “bleh” turkey-hunting season. I’d taken a friend from Wisconsin out on a glorious sunny spring afternoon and hopes were high as we settled into our secluded spot.

    I knew turkeys frequented the area, but wasn’t overly optimistic that our desire to down a long-beard would be satiated. But as the old saying goes, you never know what’s going to happen when you venture forth in search of a mighty gobbler. This day would confirm that statement.

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  • Decatur Runnin’ Reds taught me to love the game

        Sports have always been a major factor in my life, and although I appreciate and like just about every sport known to man and woman – from tournament bass fishing to the luge – it’s basketball that holds a special place in my being.

    For my money, basketball players rank among the finest all-around athletes in the world. Despite their impressive size and stature (yes, I know there are smaller cagers, too), hoopsters like LeBron James, Dr. J. Julius Erving, Magic Johnson and countless others too numerous to mention, display an eye-popping level of coordination and quickness that is hard to imagine on a 6-8, 250-pound frame. 

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  • We supported Penney’s big time, but it didn’t matter

        Nothing ever stays the same.

    If I’ve learned anything during my 66 years in the physical world, it’s definitely the fact that, no matter how much you don’t want them to, things are going to change. And when I say things, I mean just about everything. So if you haven’t accepted that “truism,” it’s time you wake up and smell the transition.

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  • Only logical for city to sell land to the District

        What I’m about to write is so blatantly obvious, I will almost come across as an idiot for repeating it. Regardless, I’m going to state it anyway (besides I’ve been called a lot worse than an idiot).

    As just about everyone in the state and entire Midwest region knows by now, Decorah has one of the most respected, even admired, school systems in existence. And that’s not just my idiotic opinion. It’s been stated repeatedly by experts who know what they’re talking about when it comes to quality school districts.

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  • She wasn’t very big, but she was our dream maker

        She was one of the most loving, generous beings I’ve ever been around and I still miss her with every beat of my broken heart – I’m sure I always will.

    After all, she was the one who made my dream come true.

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  • Dumbing down of America has repercussions
        I’ll admit that prejudice and, as a result, inaccuracies in reporting, do affect much of the main-stream media’s coverage of local, national and world events, but blaming that in general for all of America’s problems is irrational and just plain wrong.
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  • Not going to miss 2016; so long Mr. Noble

         Talk about a long, strange trip -- 2016 will rank right up there with the strangest of all time.

    Besides your average, run-of-the-mill (not hardly) natural disasters, terrorist attacks and rampant violence in general, in America we managed to elect a reality TV star to the highest position in the land in a political (or non-political, depending on your point of view) upset that is still being felt throughout the nation and world.

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  • Commend School District for stance on bullying

        Bullying, harassment, downright mean-spiritedness and just-not-nice behavior have been around since man first walked upright. It’s been part of our daily existence since Gorb first made fun of Tago for throwing his spear like a girl (oh, lighten up).

    Will it always be so? Let’s hope not, but the answer to that question is probably an emphatic “yes.”

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  • Hillary supporters thought it was over; rock on Josey
        After months – make that years – of constant campaigning, the election is finally over. Regardless of your opinion on the outcome(s), there is definitely one thing we can all agree on: The seemingly endless barrage of television commercials about the election have finally been taken off the air. And that’s a good thing. A very good thing. Besides, I knew them all by heart anyway.
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  • I can paint all day, but I’ll never be a Picasso

      Is it just me or are there now “professional” photographers just about everywhere these days trying to parlay their talent into a lucrative career?

    Put another, old-fashioned way, it’s hard to swing a dead cat without hitting a photographer no matter where you live. Unlike the past when small communities such as ours supported a handful of photographers and photo studios, it’s changed radically since the advent of digital cameras and all the features they offer to help turn a mediocre photo into a cherished memory.

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  • RIP to an American hero we could count on

        When golfing legend Arnold Palmer died this past weekend, he took a chunk of me with him. That may sound rather schmaltzy, but it’s absolutely true. I think a lot of people in America and around the world would say the same thing.

    “Arnie,” as he was affectionately known, was considered the king of golf during his glory years, and he wore that crown until the day he drew his final breath. But to me, Elvis Presley will always be the “king” – period. A better word to describe Arnold Palmer is “gentleman” and he was just that.

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  • Bison burst Iowa bubble, UNI and ISU reeling

        It’s still quite early in the season, but local football fans have already received indicators of how the respective seasons of their favorite teams might play out.

    Again, after just two or three games it’s foolhardy to try and accurately predict what the final records might be, but nonetheless with one quarter of the season in the books we know more about our gridiron gangs than we did a month ago.

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  • Assessing our needs
        Education is an ever-evolving process that requires a school district to constantly analyze and evaluate how to best serve the needs of its students. With major changes occurring on a continual basis, if a district and its educators are not open to suggestions and constructive criticism, then it is the students, parents, the community and the nation who ultimately suffer the consequences of stagnation.
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  • A 4th of July that I’ll remember forever and a day

       It was the late 1950s or early 1960s and I’d been invited to join my Uncle George, Aunt Irene and cousin Nick (just one year older than me) on a trip to Cleveland, Ohio to spend the 4th of July with George’s younger brother Chris and his family.

    It was a long drive from Tuscola, Ill. but we survived it with no major skirmishes or shouting matches. That was due primarily to Uncle George who ran a tight ship and did not tolerate any horseplay or excessively loud behavior from his son, nephew … or anyone for that matter.

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