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April 27, 2015
  • Careful what you do or say, ‘Big Brother’ is watching
       Ever do or say something you later regretted and wish you could go back in time and change? Who hasn’t? It’s just part of the basic human experience to screw up from time to time and we all have to deal with those imperfect moments. 
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  • For me, it’s the most wonderful time of the year
        Monday marks the beginning of Iowa’s annual spring turkey hunting season, and it will also be the 26th year I’ve ventured forth in search of a mighty long beard. 
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  • Tear up the NCAA bracket and enjoy the games
        After years – nay decades – of going along with the program and cooperating like a good little American (well, not so little any more), I’m happy to announce I’m free at last.  
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  • Mumford concert in Waverly? It’s no surprise
    For those keeping score, it seems Decorah Newspapers’ story about the grammy-award-winning band Mumford & Sons wanting to hold a summer concert in Decorah was right on the money … and then some. 
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  • Minus 30 windchill? Just another day on the job

       You can describe the life and work of a small-town newspaper journalist in a lot of ways, but boring is not appropriate. Not by a long shot.

    One day you can be attending a formal news conference with the governor or a presidential candidate and the next you can find yourself ankle-deep in manure taking photographs and writing a feature story about a local beef farmer and his/her family.

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  • Williams blew it, and it’s probably over ... go fishing Paul
    Credibility ranks right up there with the best qualities to possess. No matter if it’s an individual, business or Fortune 500 corporation, having people trust and believe in you is absolutely essential if you’re to be successful. 
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  • Forced to hang with girls ... I adjusted my game
    How good was I? Damn good. Ask any girl in our neighborhood. They would all agree I had learned my lessons well and could beat them on a regular basis. 
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  • No matter how you slice it, we lost - big time
    No matter who’s to blame, or the amount of “spin” the entities involved put on it, one thing remains clear: Decorah, Winneshiek County and the entire region lost a tremendous opportunity when the Grammy-award-winning band Mumford & Sons pulled out of its plans to host a concert in our community this summer. 
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  • Selma should be required viewing in schools

    It’s time for it to stop. All of it. Period. The days of blatant, uncontrollable racism and hate must come to an end. Now.

    As a 64-year-old man and a citizen of the United States, I’m more than a little shocked – but not all that surprised – that racism of this magnitude and vitriol still exists in our country. C’mon, America, it’s a no-brainer and anyone who thinks otherwise is either mentally challenged, totally uneducated or downright mean-spirited. Or perhaps all three.

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  • Expressing opinions a benefit for everyone
    As a newspaperman and editor, my responsibilities in terms of publishing a printed news product that is credible, accurate, entertaining and, perhaps most importantly, provides a history of the readership area it represents, are a top priority. 
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  • Football playoff refreshing; Iowa hoops? Who knows?
        No matter what you may think of the new NCAA Division I playoff system in college football, it has achieved its purpose of attracting great attention from fans, pseudo-fans, kinda-sorta-fans and even non-fans. 
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  • Heading for Christmas in a tank ... not a sleigh
    As a Christian (no, the Vatican hasn’t asked for my official resignation … yet), I’m well aware of the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate the birth of Jesus. 
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  • So it is possible for opposing sides to work together
    America has just about given up on Republicans and Democrats in Congress actually working together to accomplish something positive for the American people. 
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  • Pat Maloney: A good man who gave me a chance
    There’s no other way to describe it, so I’ll just lay it out there: Without Pat Maloney’s faith in me, I don’t know where I’d be or how my life would have turned out.  
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  • When will ISIS start terrorizing our homeland?
     Not too many moons ago I wrote a column about the world today and how dysfunctional it has become. Wanton violence has unfortunately become the “norm” from Hong Kong to St. Louis, and it continues to expand exponentially throughout the land. 
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