Friday the Decorah JV wrestling team competed in a triangular against New Hampton and North Fayette.

Results were: Garrett Nordheim (DEC) won by fall 1:33 over Ryan Crooks (NH); Keegan Blackburn (DEC) won by fall 5:43 over Crooks (NH); Cole Denner (NH) won by fall 3:24 over Kevin Blakesley; Denner (NH) won by fall 1:50 over Daria Lundtvedt; Tristan Glaser (NH) won by fall 3:27 over Drake Folkedahl; Alex Fjelstul (DEC) won by fall 1:14 over Adam Wurzer; Josh Graves (DEC) won by fall 3:35 over Wurzer (NH); Jordan Fye (NH) won by 5-1 dec over Andy Strand; Nathan Rosonke (NH) won by fall 3:49 over Luke Dixon; Cody Carolan (DEC) won by 4-2 dec over Fye (NH); Cole Headington (DEC) won by fall 0:36 over Lincoln Weber (NH); Riley Rue (DEC) won by fall 3:11 over Weber (NH); Grant Grinna (DEC) won by fall 1:41 over Dustin Ruth (NH); Reed Upton (DEC) won by fall 0:17 over Sidney Scroggins (NF); Brody Woods (NF) won by fall 3:50 over Folkedahl; Nathua Lansing (NF) won by fall 1:00 over Cole Hamilton; Sean Trewin (DEC) won by fall 3:44 over Lansing (NF)

The Decorah JV wrestling team competed at the Knight wrestling tournament Saturday in Caledonia, Minn.

Results are: Division 5 - Colten Mikkelson, fourth; Division 6 - Reed Upton, fourth; Division 8 - Keegan Blackburn, second; Division 11 - Garrett Nordheim, first; Division 13 - Daria Lundtvedt, third; Division 14 - Kevin Blakesley, fourth; Division 16 - Miles Wilkie, fourth; Division 17 - Drake Folkedahl, second; Division 21 - Josh Graves, third; Division 22 - Alec Fjelstul, first; Division 24 - Luke Dixon, first; Division 26 - Andy Strand, third; Division 28 - Cody Carolan, first; Division 30 - Jared Adam, second; Division 31 - Jake Hovden, third; Division 35 - Cole Hamilton, first; Division 37 - Tyler Flak, second, and Riley Rue, third; Division 38 - Carter Zidlicky, second; Division 39 - Jacob Garza, second, and Cole Headington, third.