The cast has been announced for “Seussical,” the summer musical of New Minowa Players.
“Seussical” is an amazing musical extravaganza, based on the famous stories of Dr. Seuss and featuring characters and snippets from at least 15 Dr. Seuss stories.
Audience members will see some of their favorite characters, including The Cat in the Hat and Horton the Elephant.

Show times
The show will be presented three times at the Decorah High School auditorium:
• Friday, June 27, at 7:30 p.m.
• Saturday, June 28, at 7:30 p.m.
• Sunday, June 29, at 2 p.m.
The show is directed by Sheryl Scheffert.

Narrating the story will be Jordan Humpal as the Cat in the Hat.  Gable Lonning will step into the role of Jojo, the young boy who dreams up the Cat in the Hat and all the amazing events of the story.  
Jojo first encounters Horton the Elephant, played by Gabriel Twedt. Horton finds a speck of dust that contains the world of the Whos, tiny people who can only be seen under a microscope.  
The Whos are desperate because their world is threatened, and Horton sets out to save them.  All of a sudden Jojo finds himself in the world of the Whos as the son of Mr. and Mrs. Mayor, played by Doug Hamilton and Lauren Bird. They are quite unhappy with their son because he has been thinking too many “thinks.”  
To make sure he quits daydreaming, they send him off to military school under the supervision of General Gengus Khan Schmitz, played by Rick Scheffert. This, of course, is not what Jojo had in mind. 
Meanwhile, Horton guards the Whos as best as he can, even as most of the jungle animals mock him.  Why would he protect a piece of dust on a clover?  They just don’t understand. 
The only one who believes in Horton is his neighbor, Gertrude McFuzz, played by Kelly Harris.  
Gertrude is hopelessly in love with Horton, but she is afraid he won’t notice her because she only has one tail feather, and a whimpy one at that.
Gertrude looks to the flashy Mayzie La Bird, played by Gara Lonning, for advice about how to grow a bigger tail.  Mayzie and her entourage, the Bird Girls, played by Shai Shay, Naomi Davidson, and Maggie Schwarz, lead her to a doctor who gives her pills to help her grow a more spectacular tail.
Unfortunately, Gertrude overindulges and grows a tail that is impractically long, making it impossible for her to move about and even more impossible for her to fly.    
While he is trying to protect the clover, Horton is ambushed by a group of wild monkeys called the Wickersham Brothers, played by Paul Fadness, Steven Holkesvik and Parker Fretheim.
They manage to steal the clover. Horton continues to chase them until they give the clover to an eagle named Vlad Vladikoff, played by Garrett Baumler, who drops it into a patch of clovers, making it impossible for Horton to find it.
Horton searches and searches and finally is ready to give up. He sees Mayzie sitting in a nest. She convinces Horton to sit on her egg and, being the good guy that he is, he does so for months in all kinds of weather.
Next, Horton is caught by a group of hunters and sold to a circus, where he is put on display as he sits on the egg. His one loyal supporter, Gertrude, comes to the rescue and saves him from the circus.  She has even found the missing clover for him.
In the tiny world of the Whos, a Christmas pageant is underway, led by another famous character, the Grinch. The Grinch is played by Daniel Michels.  
But all is not well yet.  The Sour Kangaroo, played by Olga Rinco, suddenly appears and, with the help of the monkeys, kidnaps Horton.  
They drag Horton back to the jungle, where they put him on trial for “talking to a speck, disturbing the peace, and loitering ... on an egg.”
Judge Yertle the Turtle, played by Steve Hubbard, presides over the case. At the end, Horton is miraculously acquitted, the egg is hatched, and love is in the air.

Rest of the cast
In addition to the characters listed above, the show includes many others, including:

• The Whos
The citizens of the tiny world are played by Jenna Alstad, Crystal Harrell, Lindy Borske-Hubbard, Makinzie Monroe, Alisa Winsauer, Anna Townswick, Ayla Carbonell, Indigo Fish, Daniel Michels, Rick Scheffert, Lauren Bird, Doug Hamilton, Gable Lonning, Mya Herrmann, Sarah Pedlar, Sara Gehling, Rebekah Pedlar, Becca Kane, Maggie Kane, Alex Kane, and Jensen Korsness.

• Jungle Citizens
The wild animals in the jungle are played by David Mendez, Maggie Schwarz, Naomi Davidson, Shai Shay, Garret Baumler, Parker Fretheim, Steven Holkesvik, Paul Fadness, Olga Rinco, Gara Lonning, Kelly Harris, Gabriel Twedt, Steve Hubbard, Everett Wegge, Abby Pedlar, Annaleissa Arnold, Anya Lovstuen, Anders Lovstuen, Lyla Lovstuen, Margaret Rhodes, Andrew Rhodes, Blake Donlon, and Henry Weis.

• Hunters
The hunters who catch Horton and sell him to the circus are played by Alisa Winsauer, David Mendez, Steve Hubbard, and Everett Wegge.  

• Fish
The fish come out during one of Jojo’s visions of how anything is possible.  They are played by Anna Townswick, Ayla Carbonell, Indigo Fish, Abby Pedlar, Annaleissa Arnold, Anya Lovstuen, Anders Lovstuen, Lyla Lovstuen, Margaret Rhodes, Andrew Rhodes, Blake Donlon, and Henry Weis. 

• Cadets
The cadets serving in the military are played by Paul Fadness, Steven Holkesvik, Parker Fretheim, Garrett Baumler, Everett Wegge, Anna Townswick, Ayla Carbonell, Indigo Fish, Jenna Alstad and Makinzie Monroe.
• The Hunches
The hunches are Jojo’s thoughts personified.  They are played by Mya Herrmann, Sarah Pedlar, Sara Gehling, Rebekah Pedlar, Becca Kane, Maggie Kane, Alex Kane, and Jensen Korsness.

Sheryl Scheffert will be assisted by Sarah Brandt as stage manager, Zach Busch as music director, Robyn Ovans as choreographer, Abigal Wacholtz as costumer, John Dambek as light designer, David Mendez as dance captain, and Mette Hammer as production manager.
Seussical is presented through special arrangement with Musical Theatre International (MTI) and is sponsored by Decorah Bank & Trust, Family Table Restaurant, Gallery of Tops, Pizza Ranch,