Tom Bourcier and Lynne Rothrock. (Submitted photo)
Tom Bourcier and Lynne Rothrock. (Submitted photo)
This one is not to be missed.

Tuesday, May 20, Decorah’s resident jazzman Tom Bourcier will be joined by renowned vocal stylist Lynne Rothrock for an eclectic mix of jazz, blues, musical theatre and cabaret.

The evening also features  two special guests, both superb musicians in their own right: Saxophonist Owen Miller and Iowa Blues and Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee, guitarist Ron DeWitte.

The concert is from 6-9 p.m. in the lobby of the historic Hotel Winneshiek.

Rothrock and Bourcier first met when they were both in graduate school at Western Michigan University -- but she was just starting when he was finishing; so they only barely crossed paths there.

They met up again years later, in Decorah, after Luther professor of theatre Bob Larson -- and a lot of others -- suggested they get together and collaborate.

“Arthaus presented us in concert  in their space in February of 2011, I think,” Rothrock recalls. “We called it ‘Half Price Chocolates in a Heart-Shaped Box’ because of the nearness to Valentine's Day and our propensity to choose slightly tarnished love songs - or perhaps ‘more realistic’ is a better way to put it.”

Both artists are excited about this latest collaboration.

Bourcier, who calls Rothrock “one of the most astute singers I have ever worked with,” says their material will range from classic American songbook standards to musical theatre to cabaret.

“Tom keeps me on my toes because of his amazing improvisation skills,” Rothrock says. “I’m used to a little more structure in my own performances so there's a lot of excitement working with Tom. Things can go in any number of directions when he's soloing so I just hang on for the ride and hope I can figure out when to come back in.”