Decorah Youth Choirs (DYC) are excited to announce their premiere season.

Serving children ages Kindergarten through 9th grade in Northeast Iowa, this new organization will provide singers with quality music education and performance opportunities. 

“At DYC, we believe that music has the power to change lives forever and that all children have ‘a place in the choir,’” an organizer said.
Singers interested in registering can learn more by visiting

Decorah Youth Choirs are conducted by Jennaya Robison (assistant professor of music at Luther college, conductor of Aurora and Cathedral Choirs), Andrew Ellingsen (John Cline Elementary School music teacher and visiting faculty in music education at Luther College) and Jill Wilson (assistant professor and coordinator of music education at Luther College).  Singers in the Decorah Youth Choirs also will have the chance to learn from Luther College music education students who will serve as assistant conductors for the organization.

Each choir has a Norwegian name -- a way to connect with Northeast Iowa heritage. Nissekoret (the choir whose name pays homage to the Norwegian mythical elf so beloved in the Decorah community) is DYC's preparatory choir for the youngest singers. Norske Kor (Norwegian for "Norwegian Choir") is DYC's beginning choral ensemble for singers in elementary school. Korsang (Norwegian for "choral singing") is geared toward upper elementary and younger middle schoolers. Kammerkoret (Norwegian for "Chamber Choir") is a select ensemble of skilled singers in grades 7-9 and other students with changing/changed voices.

All choirs are tuition-based ensembles. Tuition rates are available on the website. Scholarships are available to ensure that all children who are interested can participate.

DYC is part of a larger parent organization, New World Musical Arts (formerly known as Scottsdale Musical Arts.)  In 2009 Brett and Jennaya Robison began New World Musical Arts in Scottsdale, Ariz., where they resided from 2008-2013. The mission of New World Arts is to enrich communities through music education for children, youth and adults. New World Arts gained 501(c)(3), non-profit status in March of 2010.  Any charitable donations to Decorah Youth Choirs are tax-deductible and stay local.

Rehearsals begin in September and will be held at First Lutheran, 406 W. Broadway, Decorah.

Registration is open now through mid-September.