Join textile artist Robbie LaFleur at Vesterheim, the National Norwegian-American museum and heritage center, for a lecture on the life and work of the innovative Norwegian tapestry artist Frida Hansen. The presentation will be Sept. 13, at 7 p.m. in Vesterheim's Amdal-Odland Heritage Center at 523 W. Water St. and suggested donation is $5.

LaFleur spent the month of May in Norway on a fellowship from the American Scandinavian Foundation. She studied the weaving of Hansen, whose work captured flowers, enigmatic women, trees, and mermaids in flowing Art Nouveau style.

“In addition to monumental tapestries, Hansen designed transparencies—curtains and hangings with wool warp and weft. In her signature technique she left open, unwoven areas in the weaving, making the textiles flowing and flexible. Her striking designs were enhanced by the play of light and dark with the open warps,” LaFleur said.

LaFleur is in Decorah to teach the class “Billedvev (Picture Weaving)—Norwegian Tapestry Techniques” at Vesterheim Folk Art School. She studied weaving at Valdres Husflidsskole in Fagernes, Norway, and with Scandinavian instructors at workshops in Norway and the U.S. She coordinates the Weavers Guild of Minnesota Scandinavian Weavers Study Group and publishes the quarterly Norwegian Textile Letter.