More than 206 million views were logged on Raptor Resource Project's Decorah Bald Eagle cam during the 2011 nesting season. Did you, or someone you know, watch?

Streamed live 24/7 by Ustream, the Decorah Eagles made internet history as the most viewed live video of all time.

The Bald Eagle reality show revealed survival in the harshest weather, love and nurturing from the devoted parents, pecking order squabbles soon forgotten as sibling bonds were forged and multiple lessons in trust, patience and perseverance as the little bandit-masked, bobble-headed hatchlings evolved into beautiful juvenile raptors with distinct personalities and all the skill sets needed to venture out into the wild on their own.

Affectionately referred to as "The EEeee's," the eagle parents and their three offspring stole the hearts of many, as followers around the world perched next to their computers to watch and listen to life in a large nest 80 feet high in a cottonwood tree. As an adoring and devoted fan of the family in the nest, author Sherri Elliot kept a daily journal of what she saw and heard -- and felt -- while observing the eagles from her home in Oregon.

Written in a witty and whimsical style by a confessed 'Eagle-holic,' "The EEeee's & Me" documents daily activity in the 2011 nest, beginning with the first egg laid in February, through the successful fledge of all three offspring by early August.

Elliott's personal account of her virtual encounter with the Decorah Eagles is sure to appeal to any nature lover.

The softcover book is 152 pages with 586 full color photos. Available online only at Proceeds from the book benefit Raptor Resource Project, based in Decorah.