Decorah High School students participated in State Individual Speech Contest hosted by Waldorf University in Forest City over the weekend.

The DHS Varsity Team received 20 division one ratings, and the DHS 9th Team received six division one ratings.

The students are coached by Molly Holkesvik, Carrie Kauffman, Gabe Twedt and Kristen Underwood.

DHS Varsity individuals receiving a Division 1 Rating include the following:
Jordyn Hussain, Leila Johnson in Solo Musical Theater
Celia Lesmeister, Sawyer Vanden Brink in Spontaneous Speaking
Stacia Sexton, Abby Hanson, Peter Wilson in Radio News Announcing
Sydney Landstrom, Storme Barr, Billy Lange in Expository Address
Sarah Pedlar, Maillie McCabe in Original Oratory
Gabe Anderson, Christian Johnson in After Dinner Speaking
Ally Bouska in Acting
Natalie Tapscott in Literary Program
Owen Burgdorf-Hibbs in Poetry
Emma Fretheim in Prose
Kendra Bigler, Maddie Putnam, Kaj Spencer in Storytelling

DHS 9th individuals receiving a Division 1 Rating include the following:
Landan Folkedahl in Public Address
Anya Lovstuen in Radio News Announcing
Anya Lovstuen in Review
Dylan Muhlbauer in Expository Address
Madi Castro in Original Oratory
Grace Bachelder in Acting

Other individuals who also competed at the district contest include the following:
Amber Hussain, Grace Robison, Mikiah Krieg in Solo Musical Theater
Tyler Irwin, Landan Folkedahl in Improvisation
Keely Hermanson, Payton Schutte in Literary Program
Sarah Mumford in Poetry
Kendra Bigler in Storytelling
Madi Castro in Prose
Simon Mumford in Acting