Decorah High School students participated in the District Individual Speech Contest hosted by MFL-Mar-Mac High School over the weekend.

The Decorah High School varsity team received 25 division one ratings and the DHS 9th Team received 7 division one ratings.

The students are coached by Molly Holkesvik, Carrie Kauffman, Gabe Twedt, and Kristen Underwood.

All speech team members receiving division one ratings will be participating in the Northeast Individual Speech State Contest hosted by Waldorf College in Forest City on Saturday, March 11.

DHS Varsity individuals advancing include the following:
• Jordyn Hussain and Jenna Galligan in Acting
• Kasey Thompson, Luke Stock, and Erick Fadness in Expository Address
• Devin Brevig, Tori Miller, and Sawyer Vanden Brink in Improvisation
• Sydney Landstrom in Original Oratory
• Ezri Dowden, Stacia Sexton, and Emma Fretheim in Literary Program
• Jeny Na in Poetry
• Kaylee Knight and Madilyn Fahey in Prose
• Inigo Fish, Abby Trewin, and Everett Wegge in Solo Musical Theater
• Brenna Betts in Spontaneous Speaking
• Richard Weis and Hayden Carlson in Storytelling
• Parker Grinna and Anna Hanson in Radio Broadcasting
• Alex Nesset and Mara Schnuelle in Review

DHS 9th individuals advancing include the following:
• Lillian Grouws and Payton Schutte in Expository Address
• Payton Schutte in Literary Program
• Connor Cook in Public Address
• Lillian Grouws and Finn Deen-Lester in Solo Musical Theater
• Nils Holkesvik in Radio Broadcasting

Other individuals who also competed at the district contest include the following:
• Elise Robison in Acting
• Makinzie Monroe, Sarah Mumford, and Megan Robinson in After Dinner Speaking
• Lowden Rockweiler in Original Oratory
• Maillie McCabe in Poetry
• Daniel Willie in Public Address
• Max Sparrow in Radio Broadcasting
• Thomas Hendrickson in Review
• Josh Nierengarten and Owen Burgdorf-Hibbs in Spontaneous Speaking
• Celia Lesmeister in Storytelling
• Nils Holkesvik and Kaya Hougen in Acting
• Kaj Spencer in Improvisation
• Shayla Betts in Original Oratory
• Britta Swanson in Poetry
• Isaac Dixon in Review
• Katie Storlie in Storytelling