Winneshiek County Democrats are getting into the spirit of Constitution Day (Sept. 17) with a giveaway of free pocket-sized copies of the US Constitution.
A constitution-themed window display at the Winneshiek County Democrats office at 218 W. Water St. in Decorah will feature books about the constitution or with constitutional themes will be a part of the display to encourage research into the history of the constitution and its evolving interpretation. 

“The right to vote - the most elemental part of our democratic system - has not been granted freely,” said Winneshiek County Democratic Party Chair Nathan Thompson. “This right was won through decades of very hard struggles. We need to make sure that we are participating to our fullest extent in this system. Our government belongs to the people, and it’s our responsibility to hold elected officials responsible.” The office will also have Absentee Ballot Requests and Voter Registration forms available. 

Office hours are from 3-6pm on Wednesday, Thursdays, and Fridays, and 10am-2pm on Saturdays. Anyone with questions about local party activities can visit for more information.