Faith leaders will join community members at Community Presbyterian Church in Postville in a prayer vigil Thursday, Feb. 19, at 7 p.m. focusing on the issue of immigration in our country today.

This prayer service will provide an opportunity for participants to pray for the immigrants in our midst and for our community that continues to experience the effects of an immigration raid, while reflecting on what we can do as people of faith to address the issue of immigration.

The vigil has three areas of focus: protection for immigrants; empowerment of people of faith to speak out more boldly for immigrations and about the need for reform; and moral courage for members of Congress to show leadership in enacting humane immigration reform.

The vigil is part of a nationwide movement, "Prayer, Renewal and Action on Immigration," in over 100 towns and cities to highlight the growing movement of faith communities working to bring humanity and compassion into the public dialogue on immigration.

For more information about this prayer vigil please contact: Rev. Gary Catterson, Community Presbyterian Church, at 563-864-3736 or via e-mail at