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October 18, 2017
Cheering for Luther in 1967
Luther College cheerleaders are pictured back in November, 1967, and they are identified as follows: Seated: K. Eide, S. Jorgenson, S. Hellickson, L. Ellingson; and standing: C. Rowe, L. Aaker, B. Stolfa, R. Johnson. The 2017 Luther College Homecoming is this weekend, Oct. 6-8. (Submitted photo)
  • 450 students report to class at Luther

        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: An enrollment of 450 students is reported at Luther College. Classes began in mid September. The number of freshmen exceeds 150 and more than 50 of those frosh are girls.

    …To lose $643 and then recover it within a couple hours was experienced by E.J. Stahl of Decorah, traveling representative of the Swift & Co. meat packers. Mr. Stahl’s wallet flew out of the car he was driving onto the middle of Highway No. 9.

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  • Burglar breaks into City Meat Market
        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: When John Bollinger, proprietor of the City Meat Market on West Water Street stepped up to the cash register at the store the other morning to make change for County Supervisor Henry Lubke, he found only two pennies left in the drawer. This was of great interest and alarm, as there had been in the neighborhood of six or seven dollars in silver there previously. The discovery met with a thorough investigation by Mr. Bollinger, who soon discovered the shop had been entered by a burglar during the night. The thief entered from the upstairs through the lower sausage room. Besides the money stolen, he reports a big chunk of summer sausage and dried beef are also missing. This will no doubt keep the prowler well fed.
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  • Arsonist begins 10 year prison sentence
      EIGHTY YEARS AGO: A 10-year prison term will commence in the near future for the culprit behind the recent fire at the Springer Hotel Barn and three other blazes in the city within the last nine months. The cause of the four mysterious fires here was cleared up with the arrest and confession of the Decorah man. His arrest came at Shame’s Restaurant, where he was taken into custody. He promptly submitted to a fine grilling by the fire marshal. It wasn’t long before he confessed to his crimes.
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  • Grasshoppers continue to plague Winneshiek Co.
        EIGHTY YEARS AGO:  The troublesome grasshoppers continue to plague this area of the country. What appeared to be a tremendous number of fluffy seeds from cottonwood trees floating high over Decorah was a migration of adult grasshoppers. Authorities report the grasshopper damage here this year is serious.
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  • Chicago woman named dean at Luther College

        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Miss Carrie Anderson is the new Dean of Women for Luther College. She is from Chicago, and for the past 12 years has been Dean of Women in the Chicago Bible School. She replaces last year’s Luther Dean of Women – Miss Emily Frank.

    …Dewey Tatro’s airplane made a fast trip to the Windy City of Chicago in less than two hours. This was record time. The return trip took four hours.

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  •      EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Miss Carrie Anderson is the new Dean of Women for Luther College. She is from Chicago, and for the past 12 years has been Dean of Women in the Chicago Bible School. She replaces last year’s Luther Dean of Women – Miss Emily Frank.

    …Dewey Tatro’s airplane made a fast trip to the Windy City of Chicago in less than two hours. This was record time. The return trip took four hours.

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  • Auto thief captured quickly near Lawler
         EIGHTY YEARS AGO: State Agent Jimmy McDonald and Deputy Sheriff Fred O’Boy and Patrolman Lloyd Meyer made an exciting capture the other afternoon over at Lawler. An auto thief was quickly nabbed in 90 minutes by the capable officers on the spot, who were tipped off by a radio report of the theft.
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  • Decorah man makes trip from N.Y. in just one day
      EIGHTY YEARS AGO: A former Decorah man made the trip from New York city to Decorah in one day, traveling by car, the fast train “The Zephr” and on a fast night plane. Total miles for the trip were 1,300. Nels Stabo was called home suddenly after an auto accident involving his parents, Dr. and Mrs. T. Stabo. The hospital reports they are improving nicely.
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  • It’s official. Campus house to be girls dorm

        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: It’s official. The Luther College directors have approved the proposed plans to remodel the brick campus house on the Luther campus into a girls’ dormitory space. Capacity is planned for 32 girls.

    …L.D. Kelley drives a beer truck for James Hepburn of Decorah. He was jumped at gunpoint the other night on the side of the road. The gunman reportedly commanded, “Give us your money.” He complied and gave them $200 in checks and cash. He said the robbers had Minnesota licenses on their car. The thieves made a successful getaway, and Sheriff Harms is hot on the trail investigating.

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  • Excitement builds as circus is coming to town
        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: The “advance man” (publicity agent) for the popular Seal Brothers Circus was in town last Saturday making arrangements for a big top circus to arrive here in late June. The circus will be set up on the grounds just north of the Phil Johnson Service Station on the city’s west side.
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  • New Bluffton Bridge should open next week

        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: That new 300-foot Bluffton Bridge located over the Upper Iowa River will be opened to the public next week. It is planned to have some pioneer resident of Bluffton make the first trip across the bridge.

    A Calmar lady has died from injuries sustained when she was run over by a train in the Calmar Railroad yards shortly after midnight a few weeks ago.

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  • Law enforcement picks up carload of ‘bad’ gypsies
        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Sheriff George Harms and Deputy Sheriff Fred O’Boy of Winneshiek Sheriff’s Department (along with Highway Patrolman Lloyd Meyer) have picked up a company of three auto loads of those bad gypsies. They were between Calmar and Decorah the other afternoon. The gypsies were told to promptly restore the $9, which they had stolen from the pocket of an 80-year-old Postville resident, Carl Reinche. The gypsies also paid $20 to settle the man’s claim. Investigating officers wormed the funds out of them after considerable talking. There were upwards of 20 gypsies in the party, including more than 10 children. Locals beware.
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  • Sheriff, deputies honing machine gun, revolver skills

         EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Local Sheriff Harms and the other local deputies are hard at their machine gun and revolver practice at least every 10 days. They go out to shoot at the target range a few miles out of Decorah on the Bluffton Road.

    Students at St. Aloysius School are preparing for their annual school exhibit, which is held conjointly with their Pink Tea Carnival in honor of Mother’s Day. 

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  • Sheriff issues warning on one-armed bandits

        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Sheriff Harms of Decorah has issued a stern warning to any and all places in the vicinity allowing the dreaded gambling device – the one-armed bandit – the slot machine. He said drastic action is being taken to rid the area of these devices. Remove them or else.

    More than 25 local residents are sitting idle here in Decorah as a strike has commenced at the local poultry plant – Decorah Produce Company. This is the first-ever strike of this kind in Decorah. Picketers are asking for higher wages. Local manager H.H. Woldum has reportedly stated he will promptly hire a new work force if those on strike don’t return to work immediately. Decorah workers at the firm are getting 25 cents an hour.

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  • Cliff Ryan shows off his skills as a pilot
        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Cliff Ryan, local airplane pilot, gave a magnificent demonstration of his exceptional skill and nerve the other afternoon when he brought the Dewey Tatro airplane to a safe landing in a small alfalfa field a few miles north of Decorah’s airport. The plane reportedly had run out of gas at a height of 2,000 feet.
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