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December 17, 2017
District No. 8 School circa 1895
This photograph was taken at District No. 8 country school back in the late 1800s. The picture is from Olga Wangsness and her daughter Donna Weigel. Olga (age 103 and residing at Aase Haugen Assisted Living) says the Frankville Township School was also known as “Rosie School,” after a teacher who worked there for many years. The teacher was Agnes Rosa. Identified in front, from left, are: Tillie Anderson, Knut Lee, Clara Anderson, Carrie Lee and Willie Lee. In the middle row are: Amelia Monson, Elsie Duff, Agnes Rosa (teacher), Fred Manderfield, Ella Moe, Otto Lee and two unidentified boys; and in back row: Pete Manderfield, Eli Monson, Lewie Lee, Amelia Moe, Albert Lee and Dena Lee. Albert Lee was Olga Wangsness’ father; and Lewie Lee and Clara Anderson were Alice Lennon’s parents (Alice is age 103 at Wellington Place). Albert and Lewie were brothers.
  • County taxes down $11,000 from a year ago

        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Taxes to be collected in Winneshiek County next year will amount to about $442,923. This is reportedly $11,000 less than those taxes collected a year ago.

    …Ira Rima, well-known and respected citizen and retired police officer of Decorah, has passed away from pneumonia. He was age 73.

    …The public is invited to eat chicken this Sunday at Plymouth Rock’s St. Agnes Catholic Church. Bingo will be played in the afternoon.

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  • Lutheran pastors concerned about consumption of alcohol

     EIGHTY YEARS AGO: A meeting of the Decorah Circuit of Lutheran Pastors was held here recently and the group passed a resolution stating: “Viewing with alarm the use of alcohol and the evil drunkenness that follows...We are convinced that so-called respectable drinking is irresponsible, and that the drinker is setting a bad example for young folks to follow.

    ...Stay away from “the devil’s brew,” This is the name of the campaign underway for the young people of our community who are urged to repent and refrain from using it.

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  • Once again Decorah streets will feature Christmas ‘roping’

       EIGHTY YEARS AGO: As usual, the streets of the business district will once again be hung with Christmas evergreen roping similar to that used in recent years. The decorations are traditionally placed immediately AFTER THANKSGIVING.

    …J.C. McArthur is going to open a basement bargain store here early next month.

    …The William Plunkett farm near Hesper, which includes 180 acres, has sold for $6,900.

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  • White gopher trapped on Peter Ulen farm

    EIGHTY YEARS AGO: A white gopher was trapped out at the Peter Ulen farm west of Luther College.

    …A pheasant has crashed through the window of a residence on the city’s east side.

    …The H. Engebertson Implement Company has quit implement sales. The Farmers Implement Company will now sell a line of John Deere farm implements and do repairs here at the Engebertson building at 509 West Water Street. The opening of the business is Dec. 1, 1937.

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  • A ‘covered wagon’ house trailer
          EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Julius Rosenthal of this city has purchased a modern “covered wagon” house trailer and a new 1938 Buick Special sedan. The new Buick is certain to give unlimited pleasure to the owner. The trailer has twin beds, a stove and an ice box, and it even has electric brakes.
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  • Decorah Schools payroll will be in excess of $60,000
       EIGHTY YEARS AGO: The payroll of the Decorah Public Schools this year for nearly all employees, will be in excess of $60,000. Education is indeed the city’s largest industry by a considerable margin. And, it is also interesting to note that a still larger educational payroll is that of Decorah’s own Luther College, which will total more than $80,000 this year paid to about 60 employees. The annual budget at Luther College is reported as $185,000.
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  • Mrs. F. Gossman best corn husker in county
        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Mrs. F. Gossman is the best woman corn husker in all of Winneshiek County. Her winning husking talents were exhibited during the annual contest here last week. She husked 400 pounds of corn in 30 minutes. Nearly 4,000 turned out to witness the event, held in conjunction with the men’s contest at the Wenthold Bros. Farm. George Westby, a young Glenwood Township farmer, was the winning corn husker in the men’s division. He husked 1,681 pounds of corn in 80 minutes. Roy Fleming of Bluffton was a close second place. Westby will travel on to the state competition in Oskaloosa.
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  • Group seeking county husking championship

        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: The following gentlemen have joined the aspiring corn huskers to seek the county husking championship at the Wenthold Brothers farm south of Decorah later this month: Carsten Teslow, Willie Barth, Harold Sersland, Ralph Taylor, Eric Styve and Roman Kuenen of Fort Atkinson. Four women also have entered their names into the separate contest for women. There is still time to enter the contest, which is always a real crowd-pleaser.

    …Al Weis of Decorah is the newly elected president of a new bowling league here in town. Cliff Natvig is the secretary and J. Norman Lee is league treasurer.

    …Dr. H.T. Opsahl has been named the new commander at the Helof Holm VFW Post here.

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  • 450 students report to class at Luther

        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: An enrollment of 450 students is reported at Luther College. Classes began in mid September. The number of freshmen exceeds 150 and more than 50 of those frosh are girls.

    …To lose $643 and then recover it within a couple hours was experienced by E.J. Stahl of Decorah, traveling representative of the Swift & Co. meat packers. Mr. Stahl’s wallet flew out of the car he was driving onto the middle of Highway No. 9.

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  • Burglar breaks into City Meat Market
        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: When John Bollinger, proprietor of the City Meat Market on West Water Street stepped up to the cash register at the store the other morning to make change for County Supervisor Henry Lubke, he found only two pennies left in the drawer. This was of great interest and alarm, as there had been in the neighborhood of six or seven dollars in silver there previously. The discovery met with a thorough investigation by Mr. Bollinger, who soon discovered the shop had been entered by a burglar during the night. The thief entered from the upstairs through the lower sausage room. Besides the money stolen, he reports a big chunk of summer sausage and dried beef are also missing. This will no doubt keep the prowler well fed.
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  • Arsonist begins 10 year prison sentence
      EIGHTY YEARS AGO: A 10-year prison term will commence in the near future for the culprit behind the recent fire at the Springer Hotel Barn and three other blazes in the city within the last nine months. The cause of the four mysterious fires here was cleared up with the arrest and confession of the Decorah man. His arrest came at Shame’s Restaurant, where he was taken into custody. He promptly submitted to a fine grilling by the fire marshal. It wasn’t long before he confessed to his crimes.
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  • Grasshoppers continue to plague Winneshiek Co.
        EIGHTY YEARS AGO:  The troublesome grasshoppers continue to plague this area of the country. What appeared to be a tremendous number of fluffy seeds from cottonwood trees floating high over Decorah was a migration of adult grasshoppers. Authorities report the grasshopper damage here this year is serious.
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  • Chicago woman named dean at Luther College

        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Miss Carrie Anderson is the new Dean of Women for Luther College. She is from Chicago, and for the past 12 years has been Dean of Women in the Chicago Bible School. She replaces last year’s Luther Dean of Women – Miss Emily Frank.

    …Dewey Tatro’s airplane made a fast trip to the Windy City of Chicago in less than two hours. This was record time. The return trip took four hours.

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  •      EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Miss Carrie Anderson is the new Dean of Women for Luther College. She is from Chicago, and for the past 12 years has been Dean of Women in the Chicago Bible School. She replaces last year’s Luther Dean of Women – Miss Emily Frank.

    …Dewey Tatro’s airplane made a fast trip to the Windy City of Chicago in less than two hours. This was record time. The return trip took four hours.

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  • Auto thief captured quickly near Lawler
         EIGHTY YEARS AGO: State Agent Jimmy McDonald and Deputy Sheriff Fred O’Boy and Patrolman Lloyd Meyer made an exciting capture the other afternoon over at Lawler. An auto thief was quickly nabbed in 90 minutes by the capable officers on the spot, who were tipped off by a radio report of the theft.
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