By Roiz Weis
By Roiz Weis

    EIGHTY YEARS AGO: During the recent Decorah vs. Charles City football game here, a new experiment for the enlightenment of spectators was tried. The experiment was in the form of a “play-by-play” description of the contest, which was broadcast through a public address system furnished through the courtesy of the Dewey Tatro Company.

…E.F. Sellman of Decorah recently closed a deal with Charles Taeger for purchase of the fine two-story corner brick building west of the Grand Theatre – the former A.R. Severson Building. It is occupied by Davis Cafe, McArthur’s and Daly Radio Service. The flat above the store is occupied by Mr. and Mrs. McArthur.

…The Decorah Rec Center at the Congregational Gym is now open daily. Supervisor is Martin Studier. Hours are 3 to 6 p.m., and 7 to 10 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, and on Saturdays from 1 to 6 p.m. Activities to be directed include shuffleboard, checkers, music, storytelling, volleyball and basketball. Other games and crafts are being planned. There is no charge for the kids.

…Helmer and Carl Hovden have finished husking corn on their Clay Hill farm. They have more than 4,000 bushels. This was one of the largest yields ever produced on a single farm in this area.

…A shipment of new nickels has arrived. The nickels were minted at the Denver and Philadelphia mints. Decorah State Bank showed off the coins to the folks at the newspaper. A picture of Thomas Jefferson is on one side, and his famous house “Monticello,” is on the other. Due to some chemical used in manufacturing the coins, some of them have turned pink, a color which mint officials say will soon wear off as they are used.

…A 175-pound female deer was killed by a freight train the other morning on the Milwaukee tracks east of Decorah. This is the first deer killed in these parts since the “Winter of the Big Crust” more than 70 years ago, when deer were practically exterminated by hunters at the time, and have since been protected by a state law.

…The Rev. Ole Glesne has the distinction of having been a pastor for 40 years --Twenty-two years in Decorah and 18 years in Aberdeen, S.D. He is current pastor at Decorah Lutheran Church, where a celebration was being planned to mark the occasion.

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