By Roz Weis
By Roz Weis

    EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Train service is continuing on a limited basis after a big snowstorm left 25-foot high drifts in the area. It is believed to have been one of the worst storms in Iowa history.

Huber Hatchery in Protivin is holding a grand opening. The 28,000-capacity hatchery was installed in the former Bouska Garage.

Bill Lyman is the 155-pound, district wrestling champion. He is the son of C.S. Lyman of Decorah.

Registration figures from Luther College have been released. The numbers are at an all-time high for the year, with a total of 433 students enrolled at this time.


EVENTY YEARS AGO: Alton Nelson, our hometown former “Flying Cop”, has secured an airport site eight miles south of Decorah. He reportedly plans to give flight instructions, as well as handling sales and service of Cessna airplanes.

Peter Vikesland has resigned as the custodian of Decorah Lutheran Church.

Senator Will Linnevold has told city officials from Decorah that the Dry Run Flood Control Bill has passed the Iowa Senate.

Standouts of the DHS debate team at the state contest are Paul Kaster, Louise Rolfs, Ann Marti and Richard Lomen. Their coach is Supt. T.R. Roberts.

There is a new Brownie Troop being formed in Decorah. Members are Connie Pint, Marietta Bauder, Loma Bruening, Dorcas Egge, Helen Smith, Jeanne Austad, Martha Hagen, Sharon Finberg, Rosemary Tofte, Edith Ray Groustra, Carol Weigel, Darlene Stinson and Sonja Gilbertson.


IXTY YEARS AGO: A local pastor has received a new assignment. The Rev. Donald G. Lee, pastor at Glenwood Lutheran Church, has a new assignment in the Air Force Reserve in the Staff Chaplain’s Office at Headquarters Strategic Air Command, Omaha, Nebraska.

Jerry Reichow, former Decorah High prep football star, is opening the Detroit Lions exhibition season at quarterback.

WANTED: Young girls for grading eggs at Decorah Produce. Wage is $1 per hour with time-and-a-half paid over 40 hours. Apply in person.

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