EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Beer may soon be legal here ... perhaps even within the next 30 days. The House of Representatives has obeyed orders of President Franklin D. Roosevelt to legalize 3.2 percent beer.

...Although a great many Decorah folks are living in the Long Beach and Los Angeles vicinity, where the big earthquake hit March 10, 1933, none of them were injured. Local residents have received letters from California family and friends providing word they are safe. More than 100 people may have been killed in the earthquake, as they ran from buildings and were hit by the falling debris.

...Vivian Finholt has won the ladies' ping-pong tournament in Decorah. The going wasn't easy, as all matches were hotly contested.

...Ken Ingvoldstad, the son of Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Ingvoldstad of Decorah, is enjoying his teaching duties at Pleasant View Luther College in Illinois.

...Bastian Torvik who resides at 211 5th Avenue, has been awarded the honor of the Purple Heart by the U.S. War Department. He was a member of the 47th Infantry, 4th Division. He is currently in the employ of the state highway commission here and is a well-known World War I veteran.

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