EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Leonard McCaffrey of Bluffton Township beat Hans Williams and Carl Gulbranson of Madison Township for the “Biggest Egg” challenge here in town. The winning egg weighed 4 ½ ounces. The prize egg is proudly displayed in the window of the newspaper office for all to see.

…June 10, 1934, is the official date for the opening of the state-owned and operated liquor stores (one will be situated right here in the city of Decorah). It was recently reported that no person over the age of 60 years old can be employed as manager, cashier or clerk of any of the state-owned liquor stores.

…Ralph Robinson is the new postmaster at Hesper.

…Burr Oak will graduate six students in the first class to graduate from the little school off of Highway No. 53. The ceremony will be at the Methodist Church, with the Rev. T.A. Hoff of Decorah presiding.

…Although the Luther faculty put up a stiff battle against the graduating seniors last week, they were defeated by one run, 9 to 8, in a big baseball game.

…The much-publicized kidnap scare over at Calmar was only a ruse played by a 10-year-old hooky pupil. A visiting photographer, who had been arrested on kidnapping charges, was promptly given his freedom after the 10-year-old “victim” confessed to his plot.

…Stop at Carl’s East End Bakery for a loaf of fresh bread. Priced at a whopping six cents (sliced or unsliced).  Remember, buns and cookies are always 10 cents per dozen at Carl’s.

…The Sugar Bowl team has taken over the lead in the Kittenball League. Trailing behind are the team from Star Beer and the Peerless team.

…The Kendallville Grange has now reorganized. The Grange is America’s oldest farm organization and only rural fraternity in the world. It was first organized here in the late 1860s.

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