EIGHTY YEARS AGO: The church people of this area and other territories know they are blessed with rain and good crops; and they are urging the government and Red Cross to continue to raise funds for relief in the severely drought-stricken areas of the Dakotas and in parts of Nebraska and Missouri.

…Grocers from the Decorah area will soon convene with others across the state for a meeting in Marshalltown. A “get acquainted hour” will be conducted for the ladies in attendance, while the men have their special meetings. The convocation will conclude with a grand tour of the beautiful city of Marshalltown.

…Charlotte Hegg has become the bride of a Texas man. The pretty wedding took place on Aug. 16 at 7:30 p.m. at the Washington Prairie Church. The groom’s name is Campbell Orbeck. The lovely bride is the daughter of Adolph Hegg of Decorah, and she attended high school here in Decorah. After their marriage, they will make their home at Clifton, Texas, where the groom has a teaching position.

…Ninety students have applied for admission to Luther College this fall. Some of the local professors will continue to canvas the immediate territory for more students. Many of the students need jobs, so if anyone in Decorah can provide work, contact Karl Hanson at the Luther business office.

…The annual firemen’s ball is planned Aug. 25 at the Sky Line Barn north of Decorah. Old and new-time music will be on the program. Locals should note: the floor at the dance hall has been put in the finest possible condition for the event. Dance tickets are priced at 29 cents for the gentlemen and 19 cents for the ladies. 

…Kids will rule in Decorah on Thursday, Aug. 30, for the biggest event in recent time. A grand parade is planned at the annual “Kids Day” here. Free movies are to be featured. A special invitation is being made to the children from the farming sections of the county. Thirty-six cash prizes will be awarded. Sporting games also are planned for the young people.

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