IGHTY YEARS AGO: A much-anticipated decision on co-education at Luther College has been deferred. After two full days and nights of meetings, the board members of the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America were unable to recommend a single plan of action for the proposal. A series of speeches held during the board gathering revealed that there is considerable division of opinion on the matter of co-education. Debate continues. In other news, the Decorah College for Girls has voted to make no change in operation of the college for the coming school year. Dr. Ottar Tinglum has presided over the college for the past few years and will continue in his position.

…Milo E. Lee, the son of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Lee of the Washington Prairie vicinity, was one of two members of this year’s graduating class at Luther to receive highest Summa Cum Laude honors. He plans to study for the Lutheran Ministry at St. Paul, Minn.

…Roby’s Beauty Shop at the Winneshiek Hotel is offering 98-cent permanent waves and 10-cent wet-finger waves. Stop today!

…Standard Oil dealers are meeting this week at the Hotel Winneshiek. This is the second of six meetings conducted by the Mason City division of Standard Oil dealers.

…A whopping $70,000 in highway work is being conducted in Decorah this summer. $55,000 of the work will be for the new bridge on Highway 55 over the Oneota River in Decorah, popularly known as the West Decorah Bridge.

…An individual or group of thieves has gotten away with four truckloads of crushed rock from the quarry on North Madison Road. A group from the CC camp had worked on the rock for a good period of time.

…Bing Crosby stars this week in the screwball musical comedy “We’re Not Dressing” at the Grand Theatre. Co-star is Carole Lombard.

…The annual 4-H Club Rally is June 28, 1934, in Decorah. The annual event will be held at Decorah City Park. Nine organized girls’ clubs will participate. Programs include “Healthy Stunts,” “Footprints in the Sand” and “Vegetables.”

…A 40-acre farm owned by Adolph Helgeson has sold for $85 an acre last week. Buyer was Henry Quamme, a resident of Oak Street in Decorah.

…Decorah may still land the state police radiobroadcasting station. State officials are consulting with the local chamber of commerce regarding the proposal.

…The City of Cresco has received a federal appropriation of $68,000 for the site and a new post office building for that city.

…BIG NEWS: Harry Krider of Freeport reports a fine crop of early potatoes of good size. He is just one of many local “old-time early potato experts.”


EVENTY YEARS AGO: The Rev. Paul Koren, who served for many years at Washington Prairie Church, has died at his home.

…From the society pages of 1944: Lt. Lynne Running recently took Miss Loretta Mondou of Massachusetts as his lovely bride. A wedding dinner was at the Hotel Chipola following the ceremony. Lt. Running, a Decorah native, is currently stationed at an air base in Richmond, Va.

…Ten giant, ferocious, untamable baboons with 10 huge elephants are coming to town June 27. There will be two circus performances.

…Corp. Neale Davis of this city, the son of Mrs. Lael Davis, has reportedly suffered wounds to the fleshy part of his arm in Italy. She was alerted about his injury by the War Department.

…Losses are heavy after a big hailstorm hit Winneshiek County. Hailstones the size of baseballs were reported in several areas. Some 300 or more spring chickens at the Albert Hauber place in Freeport Township were killed by hail. It has been noted that hailstones at the Gust Grinna farm at Frankville were reportedly 10 inches around!

…Patty Ann Rognas and Virginia Halvorson gave a demonstration on “Care of Fingernails” at the recent meeting of the Pleasant Live Wires Club.

…Nathan Ellingson has returned home on a 30-day leave. “Hoot” is serving in the Seabees and has been overseas in North Africa for 19 months.


IXTY YEARS AGO: First Congregational Church will observe its centennial anniversary later this month. Dr. James Burling, former pastor, will preach at a special service. Rev. Nielsen is current pastor, and he is the 16th to serve since the 1854 founding of the church in Decorah.

…The Decorah Kilties have captivated the hearts of 30,000 persons watching the Legion Convention Parade in Jackson, Minn., last weekend. The Jackson “Pilot” newspaper reported the Kilties were “just marvelous” in the parade.

…Miss Joyce Westby and Miss Shirley Blekeberg are the first two candidates for the title of Miss Decorah.

…Tommy Donlon, Michael Pint, Gene Wenthold and Joseph White have all been awarded silver arrows at Cub Pack 91’s award’s night. Marc Nichols and Raymond Seiler earned their Bobcat pins.

…Now showing at the Grand Theatre: Fred MacMurray and Claudette Colbert in “The EGG and I”.

…Ken Vinge will be the director at Pinebluff 4-H Camp this summer. Final plans for the 1954 camping season are being completed. Youth assistant this year is Arthur Little.

…Donald McCormick, 17-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McCormick of this city, has enlisted in the U.S. Army. He will report to El Paso, Texas.


IFTY YEARS AGO: Hotel Winneshiek served up a nice Sunday buffet in honor of Father’s Day recently. All-you-can-eat price: $1.75 for adults and $1 for children.

…Gary Haugen, age 15, fired a six-over-par 76 the other day to win the Junior Chamber of Commerce Golf Tourney at Silvercrest here in Decorah. Other top players in the tourney were Ron White, Larry Lynch, Paul Erickson, Craig Newhouse, Tim Lynch, Ron Henely, Steve Duffy, Denny Hislop, Gordon Berg, Mike Henely, Rusty Sproatt, Gordon Oyloe and Bill Varner.

…Decorah’s newest golf course is a five-hole instructional course near Thomas Roberts School. It has been established to enable instruction of the game of golf to participants in the Decorah summer rec program.

…Following the trail of the stork from 1964: A girl was born June 16 to Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Gossling of Ossian; a boy was born June 16 to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ehler of Ossian; a boy was born June 16 to Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Monroe of Ossian; and a boy was born June 18 to Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Barth of Burr Oak.


ORTY YEARS AGO: Mark Albers, a 1971 graduate of Iowa State University, has joined the banking staff at Decorah State Bank. He has been hired as a new farm representative. He and his wife Cindy live at 601 Winneshiek Avenue.

…The play “A Streetcar Named Desire” will be presented by the Oneota Players here in Decorah this summer. The production of the Tennessee Williams classic will be at Ye Old Cowbarn and Theatre in Decorah.

…The Decorah sophomores split a double-header at New Hampton the other night. Pitching for Decorah was Keith Bruening.

…A fleet of field service units of the Disabled American Veterans will visit Decorah by motorcade later this month.

…Extensive damages were reported at North Winneshiek School after strong winds tore gashes in the roofing. The winds also toppled a 100-foot two-way bus radio tower at the school, and classrooms were waterlogged and pelted with debris.

…Following the trail of the stork from 1974: A girl was born June 11 to Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Berg; a boy was born June 12 to Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wencl; a boy was born June 12 to Mr. and Mrs. Nils Kjome; a girl was born June 15 to Mr. and Mrs. Phil French.


HIRTY YEARS AGO: From the society pages of 1984: The engagement of Jim Lillibridge and Renee Meyer has been announced. They will wed Sept. 8 in Wykoff, Minn.

…Mike’s Fruit Market on Paine Street is having a special on fresh cantaloupe: 3 for $1. Eggs are 50 cents per dozen.

…Winners of the Colorful Cutie Contest at Erickson-Wangsness Photography are Dustin Tieskoetter of Calmar; Pamela Sabelka of Lawler; and Jamie Jackson of Cresco.

…From the society pages of 1984: Lyle and Helen Stegen, Route 2, Decorah, will celebrate their silver wedding anniversary with an open house at their home July 1.


WENTY YEARS AGO: KVIK Gold, owned by Sun Communications of Spring Grove, Minn., will soon begin broadcasting from downtown Decorah in the fall. The radio station will be in the building east of Viking 1 stop, a convenience store at the corner of State and Water Streets. Greg Wennes is owner of Sun Communications and general manager of the station. Assistant general manager is Arlene Soltow and Patty Holck of Decorah is the assistant station manager for Decorah.

…The name Grant Woldum has been tied to Decorah’s successful Nordic Fest for more than two decades. Woldum, now 91 years old, is concluding a Nordic Fest Career by designing his final Nordic Fest medal. His likeness will be stamped on one side of the 1994 version.


EN YEARS AGO: Lyle and Wanda Askelson of Decorah celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary June 23, 2004.

…Cody Schweinefus of Decorah has won medalist honors in the Junior PGA tour.

…An impasse has been broken and it appears that Gundersen Clinic will expand the clinic at its present site on the local hospital campus. It has been reported that “a positive discussion was held by Gundersen and Winneshiek County Memorial Hospital representatives” at a recent meeting.

…Nikki Brevig is the new head of the Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce.

…In action last week, the name of Winneshiek County Memorial