By Roz Weis
By Roz Weis

     EIGHTY YEARS AGO: The dedication of the new schoolhouse in Hesper District 3 was held Sept. 3, 1939. In addition to the families in the district, there were a number of others in attendance, including the oldest former pupil – Mrs. Ed Watts. Charles Altfillisch of Decorah and Harold Tank of Lawler were the consultants for the structure.  This is a small rural school district and there are now only seven pupils of the school: Jeanette Wilbur and Elder Bentley, students in the seventh grade; Max Stoskopf and Damon Morrison, sixth grade; Juanita Warn, third grade; and Ronald Wilbur and Johann Schimming, first grade. The new building boasts a full basement (providing excellent playrooms for the children during inclement weather) … and the most modern of INSIDE TOILETS. The interior is very nicely decorated.

…A road grading outfit is out making a new grade to connect the Sattre Store west to the Ed Nordheim farm. Locals agree that an all-weather roadway connecting the village to Decorah is greatly needed.

…Aunt Lucy’s column in the Decorah Public Opinion always has some good tips. Here is this week’s hint: Use sandpaper to remove spots from bread or cake if they are baked too brown.

…More than 160 new students have now registered for attendance at Luther College for the school year beginning Sept. 14. The is the largest number of student registrations at this time in the history of the college.

…There was another most unusual sight to behold in the area the other day. A beautiful two-point buck deer was seen a few miles north of Decorah. He scampered away to the Clem Stortz place, where he came very close to a team driven by Allen Stortz. The deer reportedly jumped several fences and was then lost to sight in some timber.

…Decorah Firemen were called to the Ben Teslow farm at Glenwood Township the other day. A pail of gasoline was being used to clean paint brushes and a fire resulted. There was very little damage.

…A Cresco man is out on $3,000 bail following an accident resulting in the death of a Ridgeway man. The Cresco man reportedly left the scene.

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