EIGHTY YEARS AGO: The highest of scholastic honors has once again been won by Decorah High School, placing third in competition with all Class A high schools in the state. Miss Olga Strandvold, the capable daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Georg Strandvold, had the unusual distinction of placing first in the World History examinations. Samie Meyer was fifth in English literature and Elmer Bredesen took seventh in American Literature. A splendid record indeed.

…A temperature of 107 degrees was reported here May 31, 1934, breaking all heat records for Decorah in May of any year.

…A class of 16 seniors has graduated from Rudolphium High School over at nearby Protivin.

…An inspector of consolidated schools in the state has released his report stating that Decorah needs a new school. If no new school is constructed, officials may be forced to have half-day sessions for high school students.

…An interesting exhibit of rare, tropical gums is now in the Darling Drug Store window.

…Frank Ruffridge, who has been employed at the Hotel Winneshiek bar, will be in charge of the big 18-foot bar at the Queen Valley Beer Garden at the Winneshiek County fairgrounds starting this weekend.

…Little Tommy Knowlton, age 4, was in The Gift Shoppe the other day with his mother. He picked up a stopwatch used for timing athletic events. Tiring of this particular toy, he offered it to a passing boy on the sidewalk. As his mother is the owner of the shop, she is hoping the little tike will return the stopwatch to the store, as little Tommy had not paid for the watch himself and he is guilty of mistakenly handing it over to another boy.

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