EIGHTY YEARS AGO: A determined effort is being made by Dr. O.J. H. Preus, newly elected president of Luther College, to get more students at the college this fall. A widespread campaign is now under way. Various members of the faculty are soliciting students from far and wide.

...A fire in Spillville damaged the water pump house on the hill near the Water Tower. It was practically destroyed by the fire, according to Joseph Headovsky, who operates the pumping station.

...FRONT PAGE NEWS: Mrs. Arthur Stoskopf, 34, was struck by a bolt of lightning near her farm home four miles southeast of Burr Oak the other afternoon and was killed instantly as her husband and two sons viewed the tragedy from a window in the house. Ever thoughtful of her flock of chickens, she braved the elements to pick up some young chicks in an effort to protect them from the storm. She was the former Lillie Madeline Rasmus of Mabel, Minn.

...The grand prize of $5 was awarded to Delmar Lundy for production of the biggest stalk of corn at a recent contest here. Thirty-three farmers from the area participated. All except three showed corn 10 feet or more tall. Lundby's corn measured 12-foot, 10-inches. J.J. Rosa was second and Tom Hovey was third.

...There is a 45-year-old asparagus patch over at the home of R.F.B. Portman that continues to put forth a good crop.

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