EIGHTY YEARS AGO: FRONT PAGE NEWS from 1939 – Eggs at the Ness Grocery are now 17 cents a dozen – not 19 cents per dozen as was previously announced in the paper.

…Chester Ruffridge, formerly of Locust, was badly cut about his hands the other night when he broke down a glass door to rescue his sister and two children and a friend from the second story of his flaming pool hall in Caledonia. Leaking gasoline from the stove caused the blaze.

…There were five deaths among the persons getting old-age pensions in Winneshiek County in December, 1938.  There are currently 301 getting the aid, compared to 217 a year ago.

…A wallet containing a large sum of money has been lost yesterday afternoon on the streets of Decorah between the Mott store and John McCall’s Garage. The loser of the wallet parked his car at the Mott corner, took out his wallet and gave some money to his wife for shopping. He then went over to McCall’s. Upon returning to his car, he discovered his money was missing. His driver’s license also was inside the wallet. A substantial reward is offered to the person who finds it and brings it in to the newspaper office.

…Also worthy of front-page news headlines in 1939. Little 4-year-old David Landswerk took the train alone and independently to Mason City the other day to visit his grandparents. The son of Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Landswerk has made this trip alone before and likes traveling by himself.

…The educational possibilities of using visual aids and motion pictures in the teaching of students in Decorah schools is the topic at this week’s Parent-Teachers Association meeting.

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