EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Eighteen motorists were arrested for violations here over the weekend. Several had to pay fines. A state motor inspector swooped down on Decorah motorists and made the arrests. It was all part of a campaign of the state of Iowa to make motoring safer for the driver and pedestrians.

...An outbreak of hog cholera has been found in two townships here: Canoe and Springfield.

...Edward J. Parman is celebrating 40 years as a druggist here in Decorah. He is sole proprietor of his pharmacy.

...A rattlesnake posed on the steps of District School No. 8 in Pleasant Township the other day, as small girls and boys were going to school. The rattler, a young one, was 20 inches in length. It was killed by Merton Iverson, 11 years old.

...Plans for establishment of that new Addiken Brewery at the Lubke farm west of Decorah have been delayed.

...The price of an activity ticket at the local high school stands at $3. The same can be paid in either a lump sum or on a weekly installment plan of 10 cents per week until the full amount is paid.

...The Decorah High School Dynamo, the school newspaper published in the Decorah Journal on a regular basis, reports the first meeting of the student council as held last week. New president is Durwin Hanson. Lester Forde is vice president and Dorothy Danielson is secretary.

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