EIGHTY YEARS AGO: An enthusiastic, rousing Temperance Rally was held at the Congregational Church Sunday night. The present situation in regard to "dray laws" was presented and a resolution was passed calling for continued enforcement of all the dray laws. State and national officials are being urged not to bring back the many evils booze brings to the world, which would come with an open saloon and the inherent devilish evils that go with it. Other rallies are planned in the near future.

...City officials over at nearby Independence have barred excessively large motor vehicles from the city streets. These monstrous vehicles are believed to be a nuisance in the area. It is thought that Decorah may not be too far behind in banning them.

...The residence of Mrs. Hans Teslow on Day Street was burglarized the other Friday night. An investigation of the home revealed the cellar door was the point of entrance. Intruders took money from the buffet and from a pocketbook in the house. Nothing else was molested in the intrusion. Night officer Alton Nelson was promptly notified, and he is investigating.

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