EIGHTY YEARS AGO: A tremendous loss of soil is reported in this area through erosion. Thirty four tons of soil per acre were lost in one year on un-terraced rolling land according to a spokesman here last week.

…The new employees of the Decorah liquor store, which just opened a few weeks ago, are making upwards of $1,200 per year.

…Decorah played host to a large caravan of people from Memphis, Tenn., seven families in all. They camped near Phelps Park while they were engaged in the business of finishing floors and selling linoleum in and around Decorah. Local authorities said to guard against future visits by such itinerant peddlers; new signs will be placed at the entrance to the tourist camp prohibiting these transient people.

…The old fort at nearby Fort Atkinson will soon be completely restored. A CC camp has been established there to do the work. It will be restored to its original condition. Mr. Nels Fardahl, architectural engineer from Minnesota, has connected with the Decorah CC camp and is credited with drawing up the restoration plans.

…The Decorah State Bank is installing a modern new time-lock safe designed to protect against bank robberies. The safe is 24 inches square.

…Threshing is in full swing in this section of Iowa. Oats are averaging about 10 to 20 bushels per acre. Quality of the grain is uniformally good.

…There will be another new modern storefront for the city of Decorah when Gamble’s is modernized.

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