EIGHTY YEARS AGO: An escaped prisoner from the state reformatory at Green Bay, Wis., has been captured near Calmar. He was shot and ultimately captured by a capable member of the Calmar area vigilante police. These vigilantes were delegated by a U.S. Marshal to go on the chase for the escaped prisoner. After the escapee was shot, Percy Koeff, one of the vigilantes, brought him to the Decorah hospital. Investigators say the prisoner is employed in the prison tailor shop, and they found it very interesting that he was once a high-class trombone player, playing most recently in the reformatory band. He made his escape from the state prison jumping out of a truck when the reformatory band was taken out to play at a dance.

...Only one marriage application was applied for at the clerk's office last week. Palmer Flatberg and Idella Severide, both residents of Winneshiek County, were in the office for their marriage application on Oct. 28, 1932.

...FRONT PAGE NEWS - For two or three weeks now every home in this section has had some unwelcome visitors in considerable numbers - red-marked bugs a little less than half an inch long. They feed on the leaves of apple trees, but why they visit homes in such large numbers no one seems to know. Their name - box elder bugs.

...Banks of the county will be closed on General Election Day here Nov. 8, 1932.

...Haugen & Son is having a sweet sale. Delicious chocolates priced at 25 cents per pound; sugar sticks, 15 cents per pound; and fruit drops, 19 cents per pound.

...A class of 76 young people was confirmed at the Catholic Church at Bluffton the other afternoon. Father Martin Hogan officiated.

...There were 95 entries in the Ben Bear annual Corn Contest in the downtown business district. Winner was Helmer Orvella of Route 1, Decorah. Other honorees were Peter Gavle, Roger Ellickson, Reg Pearson and Willard Dresselhaus. They took the top prizes in the yellow corn category.

...Homecoming at Decorah High School is Nov. 11. The Viking football squad will play Waukon in this final game of the season. The Vikings have been fighting like cougars all season and they have won four of their six games so far.

...Through the kindness of both the United States and Iowa fish authorities, another big truckload of rainbow trout, averaging six inches in length, was received in Decorah. The fish came from the government hatchery at Manchester, and are planted in streams in the north part of Winneshiek County.

...The Women's Relief Corps has been active this month.

...Buy a new, modern VOSS ringer washing machine for $59.95. The VOSS is a handsome piece of furniture in your laundry.

SEVENTY YEARS AGO: Registration for the fuel oil rationing program has been delayed. Local fuel oil dealers must soon report on the amount of kerosene and fuel oil of various grades on hand.

...Hopes for an Army school at Luther College were dimmed this week when the U.S. War Department announced emphatically that it was not contemplating establishment of such a school at Luther.

...The school children of Hesper are justly proud of the huge pile of scrap metal they have collected. Their teachers, Miss Thelma Burreson and Miss Juletta Ramlo, have supervised the pupils in the war effort.

...A team of bay mares has sold for $234 at auction here in town. Auctioneer was Fred Ronan.

...A class of 62 young people has been confirmed at St. Aloysius Catholic Church in Calmar.

...Following the trail of the stork in Calmar: A son was born Oct. 20 to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bina; a son was born Oct. 21 to Mr. and Mrs. Mike Thiel; and a son was born Oct. 25 to Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Hyek.

...Winneshiek County has been caught in a wave of Republicanism. Congressman Henry Talle, new governor B.B. Hickenlooper and new U.S. Senator George Wilson were all elected. All are Republicans.

...The Donlon brothers from over near Burr Oak, purchased a full blood bull last week from Kenneth Darling of Hesper. The bull weighs an even ton. 11 1/4 cents per pound was paid.

...Mrs. Joel Fretheim is the new president of the Madison Ladies Aid Society. Vice President is Mrs. Spencer Gilbertson. Secretary is Mrs. Alvin Larson and Mrs. Helmer Knutson will serve as treasurer. The group recently voted to buy a War Bond to help with the war effort.

...Following trail of the stork from 1942: A son was born Oct. 28 to Mr. and Mrs. George Chandler of Decorah; a girl was born Oct. 31 to Mr. and Mrs. Martin Frana of Calmar; a girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jannesen of Decorah on Nov. 2; and a boy was born Nov. 3 to Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Walsted of nearby Harmony, Minn.

SIXTY YEARS AGO: A Girl Scout troop has formed in Calmar. Council chairman is Mrs. Joseph Pavlovec. Others on the organizing committee are Mrs. James Baburek, Mrs. Earle Hillman, Mrs. Philip French, Mrs. Otto Berge and Mrs. Kenneth Meyer.

...Carl Rasmussen of Denmark is a new linotype operator at the Decorah Posten.

...Mrs. Mae Cronin of Decorah recently received a letter from her son, John, who is stationed at Shreveport, La. He writes that he has been made a staff sergeant and will leave soon for Alaska.

...A drought has hit the county crops. October rainfall measured three-quarters of an inch in the vicinity.

...Dwight D. Eisenhower, Republican candidate for president, holds a commanding lead in the Decorah Newspapers' straw poll for president. He has a 67 percent lead over his challenger, Adlai Stevenson.

...Following the trail of the stork from 1952: A son was born Nov. 2 to Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Wolfe of Ossian; and a son was born Nov. 2 to Mr. and Mrs. Milo Headington of Decorah.

...Art Huinker is the newly elected editor of the Calmar High School paper, The "Ca-Ha-Sa" for 1952-53. Staff members include Jeanne Wangsness, Tom Iverson and Mary Jane Wieling.

...The total assessed valuation in Winneshiek County is now $34,024,769.

...No new polio cases have been noted in nearly a week.

FIFTY YEARS AGO: The separate sheet for "Calls and Telegrams," long a part of the telephone bills here since the very beginning of long distance service, is on its way out. Phone bills will now have a "new look." The comprehensive bills will show detail of individual long distance calls.

...Robert Spilde and Gerry Johnson are current leaders of the Springfield Choreboys 4-H Club. Members are Tommy Lensch, Jimmy Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Orval Bruvold, Durwin Hegg, Keith Sersland, Darrel Branhagen, Arlin Branhagen, Keith H. Sersland, Jimmy Soland, Steven Vine, Nels Gjevre, Wayne Clement, Howard Hoyme, Dale Lomen, David Hegg, Jerry Winger and Steven Lensch.

...A series of 10 training meetings for key civil defense personnel in the county is being planned in Decorah during the coming weeks. The current A-Bomb crisis worries are stirring this action here and across the country. It is interesting to note that six more bomb shelter licenses have bee approved for buildings in Decorah. The owners of five of those buildings have said they are willing to make their facilities available for shelter in time of a missile crisis emergency. The local Civil Defense Committee plans to tour all local buildings with bomb shelters, and they will designate those to be used by families or small groups.

...The music department at De Sales Catholic Central High School in Ossian is presenting a recital next week. Elaine Holthaus, Karen Holthaus, Karen Cole and Gary Holtey will be the featured senior piano students on the program. Assisting with the recital are Connie Rosenthal and Mary Ann Frerich.

...Following the trail of the stork from 1962: The name Julie Ann has been given to the newborn daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lass of Decorah. She arrived Nov. 2 at the Smith Memorial Hospital, and she joined two brothers, Gary, 5; and Jimmy, 3.

...Grand opening for the new Lang's Dairy Equipment plant on Leiv Eriksson Drive is Friday, Nov. 9, 1962. A drawing for a free 52-gallon hot-water heater is a highlight.

...FARMS FOR SALE: 280-acres near Locust. Good producing farm. Priced at $100 per acre with reasonable terms.

...FRONT PAGE NEWS: Report cards for the first quarter of the 1962-63 school year are going to be issued to Decorah students this week. There is a change. Parents may now keep the cards when the students bring them home. Teachers will retain a copy for the school records.

FORTY YEARS AGO: Sue Sonnicksen of Decorah and Karen Shindelar of Fort Atkinson have been elected to student offices at the Area One Vocational Technical School at Calmar. Both are in the school's secretarial program.

...Gordon Graham, capable representative of the Iowa State Employment Office in Decorah, recently spoke to the office education classes at Decorah High School. He gave the latest in interview techniques to the interested group of young people.

...The National Honor Society Chapter of Decorah High School has elected officers. President is Marilyn Berge. vice president is Mark Webb. Lisa Cote is secretary and Debra Lansing is treasurer. The organization's advisor is Miss Jane Hanselman.

...Some thieves recently replaced a pumpkin they plucked from the patch at the home of the Larry Lubbert family earlier last month.

...Sgt. Kevin Z. Goono of rural Dorchester has been killed in a helicopter crash in Vietnam. He had spent eight years in the U.S. Army.

...Two former Decorah and South Winn football stars, Russ Bruemmer of Decorah and Larry Wenthold of South Winn, have held starting positions this season on the Luther College football team.

...Paul Simonson, Jay Flaskerud, Tim Jones and Sue Grinna all have lead roles in the Decorah High School fall drama "Flowers for Algernon." It will be presented at the junior high auditorium.

THIRTY YEARS AGO: Marion Beatty is the new president of the Decorah Chamber of Commerce.

...Heidi Brende of Decorah has been awarded the 1982 Luther College music scholarship. She is the daughter of the Rev. Rolf and Julie Brende.

...The North Winneshiek volleyball team, in their first season in history, finished with a 9-0 perfect record.

...The farmhouse on the William Jurs property in rural Decorah was completely destroyed by a fire recently. Three Northeast Iowa Technical Institute students were renting the farmhouse. No one was injured.

TWENTY YEARS AGO: There is a new subdivision in Decorah. Approval has been granted for the new Carlson subdivision by the Decorah hospital.

...The base salary for a teacher at Decorah Schools is now $13,756. The members of the Decorah Education Association are proposing an increase of $400 for salaries. Also requested by the Association is change in insurance coverage. The school district currently pays $80 a month for a family plan.

...Contestants for Winneshiek Saddle Club queen are Connie Hotvedt, Cathy Jacobson, Barb Schrandt, Angie Bryant and Lori Shuros.

...Returning letter winners on the Viking girls' basketball team this fall are Chris Headington, Mary Glesne and Cindy Running.

...Dan Mansfield and Trish Neubauer captured individual championship honors in the three-day Grand Opening Novice Racquetball Tourney at the new RC 10 racquetball and Health Club in Decorah. Chris Haugen was second in the men's division and Barb Willis was women's runner-up.

TEN YEARS AGO: The Woolen Mill in Decorah is now becoming home to 14 people after being renovated and converted into apartment units through a project of the Northeast Iowa Community Action Corporation. An open house and ribbon cutting was last week.

...Marcy Broghammer is celebrating his 80th birthday Nov. 3. A party is planned at the St. Benedict Church basement.