EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Four floodlights will shoot light straight up into the air as part of the downtown merchants' Christmas extravaganza decorating program this holiday season. S.N. Jordan, manager of the Interstate Power Company here, has offered to furnish all the power and labor to make this awesome light display a reality. Reportedly, the floodlights will be seen as far away as Austin, Minn. As most in the area know, the four floodlights were formerly situated in front of the Winneshiek State Bank.

...The 230 CCC boys here in the city are now enjoying warmth at their barracks. After sleeping in tents for the past few weeks of cold weather, the boys say they are happy with the wood-fire heated barracks. The other afternoon, the men gathered at 21 tables to enjoy a hearty meal of meat and potatoes, coffee and chocolate pudding. They sleep in box-like beds, one built above the other -- similar to berths on a Pullman car.

...Two large hogs were butchered by some of the county workers last week; the butchering was in an effort to feed local families in need.

...Peaceful picketing of all the county roads leading to markets has been ordered by the members of the Farmers Holiday Association at the courthouse. The call for picketing is aimed against direct marketing of livestock and is not designed to stop marketing through regular commission house channels. The farmers have been warned against roughness and pickets must not violate the law.

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