EIGHTY YEARS AGO: The Grieg Singers from this area are celebrating their 25th anniversary. The opening event will be held at their old "house," originally on a farm near Nordness. That log schoolhouse stood on the Ole Rovang farm. The log house was called "Troldhaugen" by the group's membership. The names Aakre, Gjevre, Strand, Winger and Jorgenson are prominent on the list of the early charter members. For the last 20 or more years, the society has been singing under the leadership of Will Linnevold. At first, the group only sang Norwegian songs, but now in later years as times have changed, English songs have been taken up by the Grieg Singers.

...Modolf Wilhelm Tolo will be ordained into the Holy Ministry of the Norwegian Lutheran Church at the Big Canoe Church near here this month.

...Zahrndt's Pharmacy is the name for the new Decorah business establishment, formerly Schimming Drug Store.

...Amos Hove and Pearl Albertson, both from Winneshiek County, got their marriage license up at the clerk's office the other day. Oliver Blekeberg and Ruth Thompson weren't far behind.

...The Farmer's Union Café, located at the Farmoil Service Station, has new 30-cent, all-you-can-eat lunch meals. Sandwiches are now available for five cents. Johnny Ellingson, proprietor.

...Dr. and Mrs. W.L. Strunk of this city have returned from a seven-week stay at Yellowstone Park, where Dr. Strunk served as a "ranger naturalist" in the federal park service. He will now travel to McGregor, where he is a member of the faculty of the annual Wild Life School there.

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