EIGHTY YEARS AGO: An 18-year-old Hesper boy is being implicated in an attempted extortion case. He wrote four letters demanding money from an elderly neighboring farmer. Sheriff Graf and Deputy O'Boy trapped him with some top-notch detective work, and the boy later confessed. He is being arraigned before Judge Taylor this week, and may be given up to a year-long jail sentence.

...A sheriff's sale of the Hotel Calmar was held last week. The $18,000 bid was not satisfactory to the receiver, Mr. Kaster of the Winneshiek County State Bank.

...FRONT PAGE NEWS: a rattlesnake recently bit an Osage man visiting the area. The incident happened near the Park Dam in the Decorah city limits. His life was saved with snake serum administered by Dr. Kuhn.

...Work on the construction of another fine new building in Decorah is under way. Lu Rene Lamm has secured a permit to erect a one-story, hollow-tile building west of Blaess & Bently Implement Store on Main Street. Contractor is the capable Lars Seim. The building will be used to operate an egg-buying station.

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