EIGHTY YEARS AGO: A large hen crashed into the radiator of an auto driven by Miss Lucille Jaeger. It was a rather exciting experience for Jaeger and her passenger, Miss Evelyn Nelson. The big, fat hen punctured two large holes and filled the radiator with feathers. The hen was ready for the oven as practically all of its feathers were deposited in the auto.

...A local man has earned a heavy sentence for making out a false check. His fine for penning the $65 check is seven years at the reformatory at Anamosa. This was his second offense.

...FRONT PAGE NEWS: A stranger was brought here from Calmar the other day. He was found near the railroad icehouse there. His only possessions were a worn blanket and a few things to cook. He appeared to be 50 years of age. He died at the hospital from unknown ailments.

...Swan & Leytze will be quitting business in Decorah as of Sept. 1, 1933.

...The new angle parking in the city has been cause for some car accidents here. Drivers are reminded to "look and listen" prior to backing out into the travel portion of the roadway.

...Shop A&P Food Stores for these bargains from 1933: watermelon, 25 cents each; coffee, three pounds for 49 cents; and bath tissue, six rolls for 23 cents.

...Oliver Faldet's Ford automobile was found wrapped around an electric pole after it was stolen from his home the other morning. It is reported that a couple of girls got out of the car after the crash. Investigation continues.

...Some $30,000 has been allotted for construction of a new bridge in West Decorah. Debate about the structure, which will be across the Oneota River on Highway 55, continues.

SEVENTY YEARS AGO: A larger than normal freshman class is indicated at Decorah High School this year.

...WANTED: Men to sell seed corn. Earn $2,300 annually.

...The new school at Turkey Valley will open at Jackson Junction on Aug. 26. A date for an open house at the new school will be planned later in the fall.

...Anita Bryant will star in person at the All Iowa Fair in Cedar Rapids this weekend.

...PFC Robert Szabo from Castalia recently graduated from the cooks and bakers school at the Marine Corps base in San Diego, Calif.

...News from the World: It is reported that Berlin is now among the most terribly bombed cities in all the world. Hamburg in Germany and the Northern Italian City of Milan, once were the most bombed.

...Starting this week, rationing of all stoves will begin here. The system for this new rationing will be much like that for auto tires, with applications made to the ration board.

...HOUSE FOR RENT: 2 bedrooms in city limits. $40 per month.

...Durwin Rocksvold, the son of Peter Rocksvold of Glenwood Township, has been given an honorable discharge from the Army due to injuries sustained several years ago.

...REWARD is being offered for the return of a Shaeffer fountain pen lost about 10 days ago on Water Street.

...HELP WANTED: Women are needed to pick poultry. Wage is 25 cents an hour with time-and-a-half for overtime. Average pay runs close to $25 per week, as many will be asked to work 60-hour weeks. Apply at Decorah Produce Company.

...Dwayne Hauber's third-year Brown Swiss heifer was the sweepstakes winner at the county fair recently. Dwayne is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hauber of Lincoln Township. A third-year Holstein heifer owned by Carlton Ruen of Frankville Township was declared breed champion. Vernon Spilde of Springfield Township was named champion Holstein showman this year.

...Telephone operators here are getting raises. They will earn from $2 to $4 per week, depending on the shift worked.

...Drafting of fathers is not likely here until October or even later - this news comes from the screening examination board here.

...Luther College definitely will not play intercollegiate football this fall. Luther has dropped football because of the war. Many of the usual opponents on the gridiron also have dropped football for the duration, particularly those in the Iowa conference. Basketball will only be played if there are enough men available.

SIXTY YEARS AGO: The Bonnie Bluebirdettes 4-H Club will compete at the state fair demonstration contest next month. The local team is comprised of Kathy Ruen and Diane Bergan.

...The champion baby beef at the county fair sold for $38.50 per hundredweight. Larry Teslow of Glenwood Township showed the champion.

...Jerry Reichow will report to the University of Iowa on Sept. 1. He was an All-State football selection. The Decorah grid standout will be one of six quarterbacks reporting.

...Now showing at the Grand Theatre: "Dream Wife" starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr" Coming soon: "Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town."

...Nineteen-year-old Hubby Christen, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Christen of Decorah, was named winner of the Decorah Venita Rich Amateur Show last week. He will be given a free trip to New York City to try out for some of the nationally televised amateur shows there. He will be a sophomore at Luther this fall. His performance number was "With These Hands." He was accompanied by Martha Ylvisaker.

...Leslie Rude is one of 12 new teachers on the Luther faculty this fall. He will be instructor in speech and director of station KWLC.

FIFTY YEARS AGO: The Cliff House in Decorah is celebrating its 1st anniversary. "Where Food is King" is the restaurant motto. The Cliff House is operated by Mr. and Mrs. George C. Hansen.

...Winners in the pee wee tournament at Silvercrest Golf Club are Jay Torvik, Dennis Ellingson and Paul Torgerson in the 10-12-year-old category.

...Following the trail of the stork from 1963: A girl was born Aug. 23 to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lundtvedt of Decorah; a girl was born Aug. 23 to Mr. and Mrs. Lucius Birtwell of Decorah; and a boy was born Aug. 25 to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Styve of Decorah.

...WANTED: Seedcorn salesman in Decorah vicinity. Earn up to $125 per week for a 50-hour week.

...Marv Klocke is opening a brand new K&S Supermarket here. It is being relocated to the south side of Decorah at 1014 South Mill Street. It had previously been located on Washington Street near the downtown business district.

...A safe taken from the Wiest Feed Mill in Fort Atkinson last week has been found unopened alongside the roadway.

FORTY YEARS AGO: Sherry Raduenz is the first woman attorney to ever practice law in Decorah. She started working here last week for the Strand and Anderson firm. She is a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota law school. She will wed Decorah's Mark Nichols in October.

...Robin Steffens of Decorah, Ann Wise, Mary Akre, Betty Rausch, Gayle Hager are advancing to the Iowa State Fair after winning competitions at the Winneshiek County Fair 4-H dress review.

...Winning the grade 4 and 5 category at the Silvercrest pee wee golf tournament were Suzanne Weis, Mary Beth Kelly, Jim Poock, Kristie Kelly and Scott Ellingson. Winner of the second grade event was Paul Casterton.

...Wapsie Produce won the Decorah League softball championships this summer, defeating Spillville. Team members are Marc Nichols, Dick Trytten, Mike Hutton, Norb Bohr, Bruce Willis, Bill Headington, Jerry Thompson, Mike Juergens, Dennis Smock, Lynn McCormick and Rick Juergens.

...Decorah schools opened here Aug. 29. Lunch tickets are $2 for a one-week ticket or $8 for a four-week meal ticket.

THIRTY YEARS AGO: From the society pages of 1983: The engagement of Cathy Dolash and Randy Kuehner is announced. They will be married Sept. 24.

...Kent Finanger, veteran Luther College physical education teacher and coach, is in the running to have his picture and personal story on the box top of Wheaties "breakfast of champions."

...Returning lettermen on the South Winneshiek football squad are Vince Shekleton, Paul Frana, Pat Hageman, Curtis Moudry, Chris Schmitt, Mike Timp, Troy Wangsness, Terry Ira, Ken Frana and Darryl Humpal.

...Sue Macal of rural Decorah is an Iowa delegate to the third annual Iowa Agricultural Youth Institute. The event was held this summer in Ames.

...Bill Ronan of Decorah was honored for his 50 years of service on the Winneshiek County Fair Board.

...Little Beth McClintock was first place winner in the nine-year-old division of the pedal power tractor pull at the Winneshiek County Fair a few weeks ago.

TWENTY YEARS AGO: The Winneshiek County Physical Therapy Board of Directors met recently and presented a scholarship to Joanna Fure of Decorah.

...The Great Upper Iowa Duck Race was held recently at the Decorah swimming pool. The fundraiser was sponsored once again by the Winneshiek County Memorial Hospital Foundation.

...The charge for cable television in Decorah has been increased from $13.60 for basic cable to $14 for the basic package per month.

TEN YEARS AGO: Buildings at the corner of East Water and State Streets in Decorah were demolished to make room for the new Decorah Bank & Trust building.

...Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Decorah is observing 45 years in early September.

...From the society pages of 2003: The engagement of Cindy Johnson and Charles Huber has been announced. They will wed Sept. 6 with an evening barn dance in Spring Grove, Minn.

...Bernie and Carol Gluth will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary with a party in early September at Springfield Lutheran Church.