By Roz Weis
By Roz Weis

     EIGHTY YEARS AGO: A special Majestic Stove sale is being conducted at the local hardware store (Caley Hardware) this week. Climax of the sale will be on Saturday afternoon, when a Majestic Stove Company demonstrator will bake a cake in the store. Later the cake will be taken out onto the sidewalk, and a heavy plank, wrapped with paper, will be placed atop the cake. THEN, the plumpest of ladies present in the crowd will be asked to walk over the “planked” cake to squash it down. Then the cake is supposed to rise back again perfectly and will be served as a delicacy. Skeptics are invited to come and watch through the store window to witness the event.

A spectacular fire of unknown origin lighted the entire business section the other evening when the historic old National Hotel Barn was destroyed. The local fire department is to be praised for their fine fire-fighting abilities. Cause of the blaze is unknown.

Carsten Steen, the 11-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Steen of Glenwood Township, battled a vicious hawk the other day. The hawk swooped down into a flock of chickens and Carsten threw a silt with alm at the bird. So viciously did the bird attack Carsten that one of his gloves was torn to shreds. He and his brother, Arthur, age 9, had quite a tussle before they killed the bird. Dragged the hawk home after the kill and the bird measured a four-foot wingspan.

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EVENTY YEARS AGO: The Mott Company here is town is known for its fine lines of merchandise, including the Belle Sharmeer and Kayser brands of hosiery. Kayser is known for their hosiery motto -- “fits-all-top” for plumps.

Dutch’s Tavern was entered by a thief the other night. A full investigation is under way.

The Luther College “Veteran Housing Project” is nearing completion. January 1st occupancy is promised.