EIGHTY YEARS AGO: The sensational running and punting of fullback Marv Anderson helped propel the Decorah Viking football squad to a 12-0 victory over New Hampton the other day.

...A Republican rally is planned in the C.K. Preus gymnasium at Luther next week. Congressman Carl Chindblom of Illinois will be the main speaker. He is coming under the direction of the Speakers' Bureau of the Republican National Committee and is planning to talk on national issues. The Republican Campaign Singers, a male glee club, will perform.

...Following the trail of the stork from 1932: A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Flatland of Glenwood on Oct. 21. A girl was born Oct. 17 to Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Huinker of Springfield Township; and a boy was born Oct. 16 to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kneeskern of Decorah.

...Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democratic candidate for U.S. president, will face Republican Herbert Hoover in the upcoming election. Roosevelt's running mate is John Garner and Hoover's running mate is Charles Curtis.

...Walter Peck and Helen Lewis were up at the courthouse getting a marriage license the other day.

...From the society pages of 1932: Miss Felicia Kuennen of St. Lucas and Clarence Rothmeyer of Festina were united in marriage recently at the St. Luke's Church at St. Lucas. Their home will be made in Festina.

...Hog prices keep going lower. Last week, hogs were selling at $1.90 and a few brought up to $2.30. This news is according to Nicholas Reichert of Mabel, Minn., who owns and operates a farm in northern Winneshiek County.

...Six Indian arrowheads have been found on the Henry Lubke farm just west of the Decorah City Park.

...James Hepburn, who was put in charge of seeing that the Luther band boys were able to make a trip to Fayette for a football game, has gotten the boys to the game in fine shape. He arranged transportation in 17 automobiles from this area. The only fault that came about was that Upper Iowa ultimately defeated Luther's grid men in the match-up.

...Alma Smith is the senior class news correspondent at Fort Atkinson. Junior class news reporter is Vivian Moser and Paul Koch submits sophomore class news.

...The annual Kolac Day held at St. Wenceslaus School in Spillville was a big success.

...Sheriff Mike Graf has nabbed a local man, who stole a revolver from Rangvold Jacobson's farm, after he broke his parole. He reportedly returned to said farm to steel other articles. He was alleged cornered on a front porch after attempting to make his escape.

...Walter Jewell has had some success with hunting coon this year, having bagged 16 of the wary animals so far. He is serving up tasty sandwiches of coon and chicken at Bud Bucknell's filling station next week.

SEVENTY YEARS AGO: An all-year-round building for the Winneshiek County Fish and Game Association has been proposed here.

...There is a sale of hats on over at Kovarik Sister's store in Spillville.

...A class of 26 young people will confess their faith during confirmation at Decorah Lutheran Church this week. Among those confirmed are Donald and Gordon Anderson, Constance Erickson, Harriet Falck, Glorianne Narveson and Grace and Roger Vine.

...The unbeaten Decorah Viking football squad has been lauded with praise in the Cedar Rapids Gazette newspaper.

...Charles Altfillisch was in Des Moines last week on business. He traveled with Hjalmar Carlson. The men returned by way of Iowa City to attend the football game.

...Retail store hours in Decorah will be shortened in an effort to conserve clerks and works for the war. Retailers will now open doors at 9 a.m., and close at 5:45 p.m. Local grocers are reminded that new hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

...Odin Nelson has sold his Winnebago Street home to Joseph Albert Johnson of Glenwood.

...FRONT PAGE NEWS: A baby boy was born the other afternoon to Mr. and Mrs. George Chandler at the Decorah Hospital. The husky fellow weighed in at 8 pounds, 2 ounces. He has been named Thomas Joseph Chandler.

...Miss Barbara Bishop, the popular, lovely daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Bishop of this city, has earned herself a promotion with the Farm Bureau Spokesman at Grundy Center. She is now acting publisher of this important paper, and has a large number of workers under her leadership. She studied journalism at the University of Iowa and at the University of Minnesota, and has done some newspaper work right here in Decorah.

...The smell of smoke awakened Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Spurrier of near Burr Oak the other night. Stanley sprung out of bed and rushed to the kitchen, which was found in flames. Stanley then dashed upstairs and saved his sleeping children, Eleanor, 4, and Vernon, 7, and rushed them from the house. His wife had snatched up the baby, Harold, age 2, who was sleeping in their room downstairs. All were brought to safety. Some of the contents of the home were saved, but the fire department stood no chance of saving the house.

...Now showing at the local theatre: "Juke Girl" starring Ann Sheridan and Ronald Reagan.

...Gilbert Ellingson of Locust was injured last week when he caught his hand in the combine.

...From the society pages of 1942: Luella Marie Pfister married George H. Young at St. John's Locust Church. They will make their home on a farm in Hesper Township.

...Arnold Rohm, who left Decorah to enter the U.S. Army only four weeks ago, is already stationed in Hawaii. He had an enjoyable crossing, escaped being seasick, and was interested in the flying fish he saw on his journey - this comes from a report from his mother, Mrs. Ole Rohm. Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Seim of this city also received word from their son, Robert, who left at the same time Arnold did. He and Arnold have been together all the time, and have seen several other Decorah boys.

...The traditional Armistice Day contest between Decorah High School and Waukon High School will be decided on the Decorah gridiron this year.

SIXTY YEARS AGO: The parish house of the Decorah Lutheran Church was formally dedicated Oct. 26, 1952.

...Loretta Blumhagen, age 17, has been elected homecoming queen for 1952 by the high school students at Decorah High. Her attendants are Shirley Kittelson, Carol Sverson, Sandra Hjerleid and Rita McCabe. Loren Blumhagen, twin brother of Loretta, and co-captain of the Decorah football team, will crown Loretta at a pep assembly this week. Milt Stevens, the other co-captain, will present Loretta with a bouquet of roses between halves of the big football game Friday night. At halftime, the lights will be turned out on the field and the attendants will form an arch near the center of the field for the queen to pass through. A spotlight will be placed on the queen as she walks through the homecoming game arch.

...Gary Burreson of Decorah has been a newspaper carrier in town for two years. He is saving up his vouchers for a repeating rifle, and currently has $15 worth of vouchers saved up. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hildus Burreson. Besides helping him save money, he said that carrying the paper has helped him learn how to better get along with people.

...Kneeskern Motor Sales on Main Street in Decorah has one of those good-looking Commander V-8 Studebakers on display.

...One of the oldest landmarks in the Kendallville vicinity is being torn down. The old stone mill will no longer stand in the town. Some of the rock has already been hauled away.

...Adlai E. Stevenson and his running mate John Sparkman will face Dwight Eisenhower and his running mate Richard M. Nixon in the upcoming presidential election.

...Alice Kruse, 9-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kruse of Fort Atkinson, is the 34th Winneshiek County resident to be stricken with the dreaded polio this year. She has been taken to University Hospital in Iowa City.

...Mrs. Vivian Soukup of near Spillville injured her right foot the other day when a cow kicked her. She required several stitches.

FIFTY YEARS AGO: Miss Dorothy Kuhse, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Kuhse, has been named "Egg Princess" for the Northeast Iowa District. Ceremonies were held at a kick-off breakfast at the Cliff House the other morning. The 17-year-old blonde stands 5 feet 9 inches and is in the top third of her class. Her hobbies include hiking, horseback riding, painting, reading, dancing and caring for chickens. Alternate is Miss Linda Krueger.

...Big letting on the new highway bypass planned for Decorah along No. 52 is scheduled for Nov. 6, 1962. The bypass will feature a modern, scenic design.

...Claiborne Drive is the name of the new street that runs past the Roberts School and city hall of Decorah. The name was suggested by Fred Biermann of Decorah as a tribute to the man who did so much to keep the county seat in Decorah. His name is Claiborne Day, first postmaster of Decorah and one of the early founders of the city.

...A new patrol car has been purchased by the city. The new car cost $1,355.28, and was purchased from Dahly and MacMasters Keck Ford.

...The peewee golf tournament winners at Silvercrest Golf Club are Karen Goulson, Keith Ellingson, Kathy Becvar, Mark Goulson, Jana Bernatz and Paul Wirth.

...Jay Usgaard will wed Shirley Tieskotter next May. Their engagement was recently announced.

...A manufacturing plant employing 15 people will be moving out of Decorah in the near future for a location in Calmar. Calmar Manufacturing Company has announced the move of its cabinet division within the next few weeks.

...A local farmer has locked his gate and plans to build a dam on his property in an attempt to block a road that leads to the Ossian sewage disposal plant.

...The city of Calmar is building a new water tower and well. Cost of the project is nearly $70,000.

...Following the trail of the stork from October of 1962: A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Smith of Decorah; a girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Mashek of Calmar. A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Francis Wenthold of Ossian; and a boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dorenkemper of Calmar; a girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Norris Youngblood of Decorah; and a girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Dale Clauson of Decorah.

FORTY YEARS AGO: New Art Club officers at Decorah High School are Marcia Dynes, Sue Martin, Cheryl Anderson and Jay Flaskerud. Instrcuctor Jane Henselman is the club advisor.

...Two women have won the local newspaper football contest. First, Vicki Holland captured the honors, followed by Martha Moe. Both are from Decorah. They won $7.50 each.

...Miss Gretchen Bjerke, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bjerke of Decorah, has been named Des Moines office manager for the Paul Franzenburg for Governor headquarters.

...Douglas Eckheart, assistant professor of art at Luther College, has been commissioned by the congregation of Good Shepherd Church to develop an altar painting for the church. The work is called "I am the Vine, You are the Branches."

...Becky Peter is the homecoming queen at Mabel-Canton High School. Homecoming king is Dan Dotzler.

...Dr. Terry Dynes, family physician of Decorah is serving as the chair for the Iowa Regional Advisory Group.

...The Chamber of Commerce banquet is being held in November at Nob Hill Supper Club. Tickets for the gala are $6 each.

...The Blue Flames will provide dance music at the Halloween costume party at The Winneshiek Lounge on Oct. 31. First prize is a transistor radio and second prize is a champagne dinner for two.

...Jim Weis, chairman of the local Airport Commission, is spearheading improvements at the local airport. Four new automatic overhead bi-fold doors have been installed on the east hanger. They are electrically operated.

THIRTY YEARS AGO: The Vesterheim Center, located east of the main museum, has recently been renovated and restored. Work on the building began a year ago.

...Rev. W. Gordon Smedsrud is resigning as dean of campus ministries at Luther College.

...A new business has opened in Decorah. Paul's Print and Supply is situated at the Montgomery Plaza and is operated by Paul Estrem.

...New members of the Decorah Park Board are Don Gray, Don Symmonds, Jim Henzler, Sally Svenson and Ron Ruen.

...Season tickets for the Nor-Ski Runs ski hill are now on sale. Family tickets are $50.

...Decorah High School will present the fall musical "Li'l Abner" in a few weeks.

...A grand opening at RC 10 Racquet and Health Club is planned next week. The club is a five-year dream for RC 10 Corp, a group of Decorah community residents. Tom Anderson Jr. is the new manager. Assistant manager is Randy Hover of Cresco.

...Law enforcement officials here are utilizing a modern "intoxilyzer" to help crack down on drunken driving. The new machine tests the level of alcohol in the blood. The unit is housed at the Decorah Police Department.

TWENTY YEARS AGO: It is Halloween time and the Decorah Area Chamber and Commerce and Parks and Rec Department are sponsoring the annual parade at the Army Reserve Center. Dressed as a cute little Raggedy Ann is Erica Munkel, 2 1/2 year-old daughter of Steve and Julie Munkel. Dustin Steffen, 2-year-old son of David and Lori Steffen, is dressed up as a snowman. Seventeen-month-old Jason Shupp, son of Steve and Cindy Shupp, looks cute as a miniature jailbird, complete with the stripes.

...Decorah Vikings are celebrating the school's 14th boys state cross-country title. Team members celebrating the State 2-A victory recently (coached by Dennis Evelsizer and Darryl Landas) are Dan Evelsizer, Brent McGrew, Terry Hageman, Greg Suhr, Scott Moellers, Troy Anderson, Lynnferd Begay, Matt Svenson and Vince Evelsizer.

...Jon Hart, Decorah dentist, has fashioned some snappy "fangs" for the star of the South Winneshiek High School production "Count Dracula." Mark and Bob Balik have also helped out by constructing a coffin for the production.

TEN YEARS AGO: The New Minowa Players are producing the play "Brighten Beach Memoirs" as a dinner-theatre at the Villager Lodge in a few weeks. Cast members are Rick Scheffert, Elaine Hegg, Robert Davis, Shirl Frana, Michelle Larson, Galen Miller and Chynna Frana. Director is Sheryl Scheffert.

...Mitch Hemesath and Kilah Hemesath were recently selected 2003 Pork Ambassador and Little Miss Pigtail, respectively. They are children of Keith and Linda Hemesath of Decorah.