EIGHTY YEARS AGO: FRONT PAGE NEWS: Four persons, registering at the Union Hotel last week, tendered a newly made and dated check for $5 on the Winneshiek County Bank in payment of their bill of $4.70. After some discussion about the check, it was discovered there was insufficient funds in that bank; so the folks staying at the hotel had to telegraph all the way to Minneapolis for the funds. Another good lesson to all merchants to get the "O.K." on every check.

...For the past 30 years, the people of Spillville have kept Adolph A. Novak in the office of town clerk. When he resigned recently, the town board would not accept his resignation unless his son, Roy Novak, would take over the position. It is believed Mr. Novak holds the Iowa record for length of consecutive service in this office.

...A Washington Elm has been planted on the south side of the Decorah Public School grounds. It was donated to the city by the generous members of the Decorah American Legion Auxiliary. During the presentation, a recitation entitled "Trees" was given by Clayton Haugen. A bronze plate marker will soon be put up.

...The mysterious disappearance of Glen Amdahl, the Ossian farm boy, remains unsolved. The reward offered by the family has been increased to $200. Last week, 10 auto loads of some 50 Ossian men and neighbors were out on an intensive search of the river and hills about town. His mother is suffering as only a mother can suffer, praying and waiting for some word from her missing boy.

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