By Roz Weis
By Roz Weis

    EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Bertha Nesheim has opened a business called the new Green Parrot Tea Room on State Road (old Highway 52 and now College Drive). The advertisement from 1938 reads: “You are cordially invited to visit the finest eating place in this territory.” The new Green Parrot boasted a private dining room for special parties. Opening day was mid-July, 1938.

…More than 250 pheasants have been brought here for rearing. A state conservation officer went out to the game farm at Ledges State Park near Boone and received the ring neck pheasants. He brought them here and turned them over to the Winneshiek County Fish and Game Protective Association. The birds were taken to the Emick Ellickson farm just southwest of Decorah on Highway 52, where they will be reared for a period of about 10 weeks. There are suitable pens and a brooder house at the Ellickson farm, and Emick and his sons (all enthusiastic conservationists) will give the birds the best possible care.

…One day last week, Miss Christine Allen reported that she had found a wallet on the hitching grounds. It was found during a time when the “showpeople” of the Neale Helvey Shows were here in town. She turned the wallet over to show staff. She believes it had $10 inside. She is to be credited for her honesty.

…Firemen were called to the Melvin Quam residence over on the West Side the other afternoon. A kerosene stove had become flooded. The blaze reached the ceiling in the kitchen.

…Tom Henning’s color photography has been given national honors. He attended a big convention in Iowa City recently, and his photos advanced to national competition.

…Henry (Mike) Webster, living on Pleasant Hill in Decorah, sustained a serious injury recently when he jumped from a Carlson’s truck and landed on his back. 

…Leon and Leo McCabe, young men from Burr Oak, brought in 111 gophers for bounty last week.

…Winners at the local swim meet here recently were Denton Marsh, back stroke; Barbara Baker in the 50-yard freestyle; Nils Boe, men’s diving; and Kermit Hotvedt, men’s 50-yard breast stroke. More than 300 spectators attended the meet.

…New movies showing next week at the Grand Theatre: Admission is 16 cents.

…Albert Haugen will open a new tobacco store in the Hutchinson Building on Washington Street this week.

…Mr. and Mrs. Alex McIntosh of Madison Township are erecting a new home on Fifth Avenue in West Decorah.

…Decorah will host the president of the Norwegian Parliament here Aug. 22. C.J. Hambro is not only known as one of the greatest orators in Norway, but he also speaks English very well.

…Mrs. Harry Youngblood of Freeport has brought in a large freak carrot for show at the newspaper office. The carrot is 10 inches long and it’s WHITE.

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