EIGHTY YEARS AGO: A new wholesale grocery establishment for Decorah is assured by the renting of a portion of the Anundsen Publishing Company warehouse south of the Milwaukee freight depot by the Sisson Company of La Crosse, Wis. The company spokesman said they expect to be operating a cash-and-carry plan only.

...Highlights of President Hoover's great speech over in Des Moines the other night are being published in the local newspaper this week.

...There are sure signs of some returning prosperity in these parts, as local merchants report some items are flying off the shelves and out the front doors.

...Carl Peterson, a valued newspaper reader from the Kendallville area, stopped by the other day to say local farmers are better off this year than the last. He said he has a surplus of feed for his livestock this fall.

...Motorcycle police officer Alton Nelson caught another auto speeder the other morning in the city limits over on East Water Street. The speeder was driving upwards of 50 miles an hour, and was promptly issued a $5 fine.

...A celebration of the Decorah-Waukon paving project is being planned here. The municipal band will perform. A parade and program will be highlights. Also slated to perform will be the local drum corps. Local business houses in both communities are reminded to be closed during the celebration.

...The four Marx Brothers will be featured in a new, hilarious comedy at the Grand Theatre over the weekend. Admission is 75 cents, including tax (25 cents for high school students).

...A new bus line will travel through Decorah via Highway 9. The bus will leave Cresco early in the mornings, and return there in the evenings.

...Phil Johnson, proprietor of the Johnson Service Station over on the West Side, met with a distressing accident the other morning while attending to the steam boiler in the heating plant. He caught his middle, third and little finger in the radiator and he was severely cut. Many of his friends are hoping for a speedy recovery.

...MEN WANTED: To establish a modern, Rawleigh city business near Decorah. Could earn up to $35 per week.

...There are currently a total of 207 teachers in the public schools of the county (this includes all the rural schools in the county). Total annual wages paid to these teachers is $175,000.

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