EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Dr. O.J.H. Preus has been installed as the new president of Luther College during the annual homecoming celebration on campus. The installation was the central part of the three-day celebration, with the traditional illumination of old main. The college motto, "Soli Deo Gloria," could be viewed swinging in the lights from the tower.

...FRONT PAGE NEWS: Carl Rausch was shot while hunting the other afternoon. What was intended to be an ideal afternoon of innocent squirrel hunting for the three local boys developed into a tragedy. The 18-year-old from Fort Atkinson boy had invited two of his friends to go hunting with him. After the mishap, he was taken to the New Hampton Hospital and is recovering.

...Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Company has publicly endorsed President Herbert Hoover in the upcoming presidential election.

...Ray Kremer, former manager of a local shoe store, will soon open Ray's Food Comfort Shop in the Ben Bear Block on Winnebago Street.

...For sale: house dresses in a variety of festive colors - 29 cents each. Shop J.C. Penney's.

...Blonda Leidahl, teacher at the Highlandville school house, put on a wonderful social the other evening. Her pupils gave a fine program. The sale of lunches after the program netted a tidy sum to be used for various needs at the school.

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